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AM3359-SOM-EVB-IND electronic component of Olimex

Dev.kit: TI; RAM:512MB; AM3359; DDR3; JTAG, UEXT, USB A x4,VGA

Manufacturer: Olimex
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Product Category
Single Board Computers
Kind Of Connector
Jtag, Uext, Usb A X4, Vga
In The Set
Som Module, Base Board
Am3359 - Som - Ind
Kind Of Memory
Kind Of Architecture
Cortex A8
Type Of Development Kit
Ram Memory Capacity
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The AM3359-SOM-EVB-IND is an Evaluation Board manufactured by Olimex. It is a development board based on the Texas Instruments AM3359 Cortex-A8 processor. It features a 536MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 256MB DDR3 SDRAM, 256MB NAND Flash, and 2GB MircoSD card. It also includes a 10/100 Ethernet port and two USB host ports. The board supports Linux and Android operating systems, as well as a range of development tools. It is designed to provide an easy and cost-effective way for developers to evaluate the AM3359 processor and develop applications for it.

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8542.31.00 63 No Hybrid integrated circuits

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits, Digital:
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