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DK-1521-V-1 electronic component of Digitus

Wire; F/UTP; industrial Ethernet; 5e; solid; Cu; 4x2x24AWG; PVC

Manufacturer: Digitus
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Product Category
Ethernet Cables / Networking Cables
Cat 5E
Jacket Colour
Core Structure
Solid Wire
Kind Of Wire
Cable Application
Industrial Ethernet
Cable Features
Shielded, Twisted Pair Conductors
Shield Structure
Al - Pet Foil
Kind Of Core
Package Contents
Type Of Wire
Data Transmission
Outer Insulation Material
No Of Pairs
Operating Temperature
0 To 50 C
Core Diameter
24 awg
Number Of Cores
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The DK-1521-V-1 is a Digitus 19” 1U 19” rack cabinet which is designed for Network and Patch Panels. The cabinet is made of durable and high-quality aluminium, with a strong and secure fastening via two locks with integrated cam locks and double-bit key. It has a light-weight build and is designed to fit most 19” mounting options. It is easy to assemble and has ventilated side and rear panels, as well as an adjustable, reversible 19” mounting profile. Furthermore, this rack cabinet is equipped with plastic cable straps and dust filters and has a fixed 19” bracket.

Tariff Desc

8544.42.19 CABLES, COMPUTER, being ANY of the following:
(a) flat ribbon
(b) audio
(c) video
(d) serial interface
(e) light emitting diode (LED) strip
(f) data
(g) local area network
(h) internal drive
(i) switch (jumper)
(j) modulator/demodulator (MODEM)
(k) planar to modulator/demodulator (MODEM)
(l) signal
TC 0614514
(b) audio;
(c) video;
Op. 01.01.2007 Dec. 23.11.2006 - TC 0614514