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40914 electronic component of Dymo


Manufacturer: Dymo
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Label Tape Type
Tape Length
Tape Width
Tape Material
Label Tape Colour
Blue On White
For Use With
Dymo Labelmanager & Labelpoint Systems
No Svhc (17-Dec-2014)
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Image Description
40917 electronic component of Dymo 40917
Stock : 0
1805431 electronic component of Dymo 1805431
Tape; 24mm; 5.5m; yellow; Character colour: black
Stock : 10
2093091 electronic component of Dymo 2093091
Label; 89mm; 28mm; white
Stock : 1
2093096 electronic component of Dymo 2093096
Tape; 9mm; 7m; white; Character colour: black; Pcs: 10
Stock : 1
2093098 electronic component of Dymo 2093098
Tape; 19mm; 7m; white; Character colour: black; Pcs: 10
Stock : 1
S0717900 electronic component of Dymo S0717900
Label extruder; Man.series: JUNIOR
Stock : 6
S0720510 electronic component of Dymo S0720510
Tape; 12mm; 7m; transparent; Character colour: blue
Stock : 1
S0720540 electronic component of Dymo S0720540
Tape; 12mm; 7m; white; Character colour: blue
Stock : 1
S0721010 electronic component of Dymo S0721010
Tape; 24mm; 7m; black; Character colour: white
Stock : 2
S0722420 electronic component of Dymo S0722420
Label; 101mm; 54mm; white
Stock : 1
Image Description
F-596-C electronic component of Waldom F-596-C

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RVUVK105CH020BW-F electronic component of Taiyo Yuden RVUVK105CH020BW-F

CAP, HIGH FREQ, 0402, 50V, C0H
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MPZ2012-KIT electronic component of TDK MPZ2012-KIT

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RVEVK105CH3R9JW-F electronic component of Taiyo Yuden RVEVK105CH3R9JW-F

CAP, HIGH FREQ, 0402, 16V, C0H
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RMJMK063BJ224MP-F electronic component of Taiyo Yuden RMJMK063BJ224MP-F

CAP 0.22UF 6.3VDC X5R 20% SMD 0201
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RMUMK105CG3R9CV-F electronic component of Taiyo Yuden RMUMK105CG3R9CV-F

CAP, MLCC, 0402, 50V, C0G, 3.9
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OSTOQ025350 electronic component of On Shore Technology OSTOQ025350

Conn Shrouded Header (4 Sides) HDR 2 POS 5.08mm Solder ST Thru-Hole
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F-465-C electronic component of Waldom F-465-C

F465C waldom
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F524C waldom
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F040C waldom
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D1 labels Standard range D1 labels Top per f ormers on any stage, DYMO D1 tapes make their home wherever labelling takes you: the office, workshop, retail outlet or on the road. Tapes are supplied with DYMOs Easy Peel back-slit f o r t ro u b l e - f re e l a b e l a p p l i c a t i o n . Av a i l a b l e i n 6 , 9 , 1 2 , 1 9 a n d 2 4 m m w i d t h s i n 7 - m e t e r ro l l s. Removable Surfaces Easy peel Label can be removed leaving a clean surface Sticks to almost all clean flat surfaces For convenient removal of the liner Key features (plastic, paper, metal, wood, glass) S ingle c assette system Thermal transf er technology 12 diff erent colour combinations 5 diff erent widths Q uick and easy to use just inser t the c assette and star t labelling Water resistant UV Resistant to water, oils and fats as well as Resists ultraviolet exposure most weaker solvents Which tapes work with your DYMO labeller Length = 7m Types 6mm 9mm 12mm 19mm 24mm Colour Width 6mm* 9mm 12mm 19mm 24mm LabelManager 120P ABC black on transparent S0720770 S0720280 S0720670 S0720820 S0720920 LabelManager 210D ABC black on white S0720780 S0720680 S0720530 S0720830 S0720930 LabelManager 220P ABC black on yellow S0720790 S0720730 S0720580 S0720880 S0720980 LabelPoint 250 14 15 ABC LabelPoint 350 black on blue S0720710 S0720560 S0720860 S0720960 LabelManager 350D ABC black on green S0720740 S0720590 S0720890 S0720990 LabelManager 450D ABC black on red S0720720 S0720570 S0720870 S0720970 LMPC II ABC white on transparent S0720600 S0720900 S0721000 S e l e c te d D 1 t a p e s a re a l s o s u i t a b l e f o r t h e f o l l ow i n g DYM O m a c h i n e s : 1 0 0 0 , 1 0 0 0 P l u s, 2 0 0 0 , 3 5 0 0 , 4 5 0 0 , 5 0 0 0 , 5 5 0 0 , Po c ke t, L a b e l M a n a g e r 1 0 0 , L a b e l M a n a g e r 1 0 0 + , LabelManager 150, LabelManager 200, LabelManager 300, LabelPoint 100, LabelPoint 150, LabelPoint 200, LabelPoint 300, LabelManager PC. ABC white on black S0720610 S0720910 S0721010 ABC blue on white S0720690 S0720540 S0720840 S0720940 ABC blue on transparent S0720510 ABC red on white S0720700 S0720550 S0720850 S0720950 ABC red on transparent S0720520 Packaging quantity 1/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 1/5X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for dymo manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : 18491 1868772 1868802 1868714 18444 1868761 M1011 KIT 45010 S0955960 PROMO 1868740 1868756 1868771 S0720870 1868758 1868773 18757-R1 18762-R1 1868798 45017 S0722440 S0955990 PROMO 1868775 1868809 1734821 18508-R1 1868718 45019 45014 40914 1868751 1868755 1868774 S0718620 S0904980 1868707 1868754 S0720910 53718 S0721440 1868735 45012 S0718220 S0838780 1868796 1868806 99012 S0721730 S0721620 1868737 40910