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Label extruder; Man.series: JUNIOR

Manufacturer: Dymo
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Wire Labels & Markers
Wire Labels Markers
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label extruder
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The S0717900 Label Extruder with Man.series: JUNIOR is manufactured by Dymo for use in labeling and identification clerical tasks. This device is designed to quickly and accurately produce custom labels based on user specifications. It comes with a large selection of pre-printed label templates and offers the ability to format custom labels with text, symbols, and other graphics. The JUNIOR label extruder also offers compatibility with both PC and Mac computers, and can connect to a separate cutting device for cutting labels to a desired size. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, and its intuitive interface allows users to quickly set up and traverse various label formats.

Tariff Desc

3926.90.90 Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials ---Other

4811.41.10 Goods, as follows:
(a) in rolls or strips of a width not exceeding 15 cm;
(b) in rectangular (including square) sheets in which no side exceeds 36 cm, in the unfolded state;
(c) in rectangular sheets with one side exceeding 36 cm and the other side not exceeding 15 cm, in the unfolded state:

4821.90.00 TC 1206403 LABELS, thermal transfer, self adhesive, having ALL of the
(a) paper layer;
(b) metal carrier layer;
(c) adhesive layer;
(d) heat resistance to 350 degrees C