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ONE TOUCH BAND/10 electronic component of Elme

Wristband; Version: ESD; antialergic, fast putting on and off

Manufacturer: Elme
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Product Category
Features Of Antistatic Elements
Type Of Antistatic Accessories
Size Of Male Press Stud
Tie Width

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Image Description
MEW000Z011 electronic component of Elme MEW000Z011

ESD wristband and shoe tester; Dim:158x95x60mm; Plug: EU
Stock : 2

157CUT 6090BEIGE electronic component of Elme 157CUT 6090BEIGE

Bench mat; Version: ESD; Colour: beige; L:900mm; Width:600mm; 440°C
Stock : 1

157KIT 60120 BEIGE electronic component of Elme 157KIT 60120 BEIGE

Protective bench kit; L:1200mm; W:600mm; D:2mm; Version: ESD
Stock : 2

157CUT 60120BEIGE electronic component of Elme 157CUT 60120BEIGE

Bench mat; Version: ESD; Colour: beige; L:1200mm; Width:600mm
Stock : 16

749DUO KIT electronic component of Elme 749DUO KIT

Floor mat; Version: ESD; Colour: grey; L:1900mm; W:1200mm; D:2.5mm
Stock : 8

605 PRO electronic component of Elme 605 PRO

Punching tool
Stock : 1

BLACK TOUCH BAND/4 electronic component of Elme BLACK TOUCH BAND/4

Wristband; Male press stud:4mm; Mat: stainless steel
Stock : 2

EAL 3232 electronic component of Elme EAL 3232

Self-adhesive ESD label; 0.32m
Stock : 3

X-1B-1M electronic component of Elme X-1B-1M

Ground monitoring system
Stock : 4

CPG 4040-1R electronic component of Elme CPG 4040-1R

Earthing plug; M5 screw with nut, mounted to the wall
Stock : 1

Image Description
14000 electronic component of Desco 14000

Stock : 8

HGS1MD-RED electronic component of Desco HGS1MD-RED

Anti-Static Control Products HEEL GROUNDER STD RED
Stock : 18

24723 electronic component of Desco 24723

Antistatic Control Products HEEL GROUNDER, WESCORP, ECONOMY
Stock : 1

14213 electronic component of Desco 14213

Anti-Static Control Products 10mm STD w/1meg 15ft GROUND CORD KIT
Stock : 74

13440 electronic component of Desco 13440

Antistatic Control Products BAG, STATSHIELD, METAL-IN 6IN x 8IN, 100 EA/PACK
Stock : 0

HGC1M electronic component of Desco HGC1M

Anti-Static Control Products HEEL GROUNDER CUP 1M RESISTOR
Stock : 1

95205 electronic component of Desco 95205

Antistatic Control Products Heel Strap
Stock : 1

STNBSF64 electronic component of PRINTTEC STNBSF64

Conductive foam; ESD; L:600mm; W:400mm; Thk:10mm; black
Stock : 29

STP1110 electronic component of PRINTTEC STP1110

Bin; ESD; L:138mm; W:93mm; H:46mm; black
Stock : 0

VE330BJ09 electronic component of DELTA PLUS VE330BJ09

Protective gloves; Size: 9/10; yellow-blue; latex; DUOCOLOR VE330
Stock : 24

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3926.90.90 Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials ---Other

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