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CPG 4040-1R

CPG 4040-1R electronic component of Elme

Earthing plug; M5 screw with nut, mounted to the wall

Manufacturer: Elme
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Product Category
ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes
Before Connecting Make Sure That Pin Terminal In The Mains Socket Is Correctly Earthed
Antistatic Elements Application
For Earthing Esd Wristbands And Matts, Etc. By Means Of Standard Mains Socket With Earthing Pin Terminal
Features Of Antistatic Elements
M5 Screw With Nut, Mounted To The Wall
Standard Equipment
Ground/Earth Cable (2,5M)
Type Of Antistatic Accessories
Earthing Plug
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asure CPG 4040-1R is a smart energy meter manufactured by Elmeasure that is used to measure and control energy usage in both commercial and industrial applications. It is a 3-phase 4-wire meter that is compliant with IEC-62053-21 and IEC-62053-23 regulations. This meter is designed to be connected to various building automation systems and measure power, energy (active, reactive, apparent), frequency, power factor, and harmonics. It displays graphical and tabulated data in real-time on its LCD display, and also has a built-in Ethernet port for remote access. This meter is equipped with a wide range of security features, including data encryption, password protection, and access control.

Tariff Desc

8541.10.00 15 No - Diodes, other than photosensitive or light emitting diodes Free