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MBS-SAM9X35 electronic component of Embest

Motherboard, Atmel ARM AT91SAM9X35 DDR2 10Mbps/100Mbps Android-2.3.5/Linux

Manufacturer: Embest
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Single Board Computers
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Home Products Service Support Download Contact Us Shipping Cost About Us Forum SAMICC.COM ID Pass Web site search: Sign In Register Products Class Evaluation Boards > ATMEL ARM Boards Evaluation Boards ATMEL MBS-SAM9X35 SBC Board ATMEL ARM Boards Order : MBS-SAM9X35 Delivery Wt:1.5lb Lead Time 5week NXP ARM Boards ATMEL AT91SAM9X35 based MBS-SAM9X35 SBC board is the ST ARM Boards latest product produced by Embest. it is consisted of one base Samsung ARM Boards board (MBM-SAM-9G) and one processor card (MBC- SAM9X35),.this core board is the smallest 9X5 core on the Luminary ARM Boards market. It is so tiny that it can reduce much space of your Development Tools products. You can use it easily to complete your project development and save much of your time to the market . Using JTAG Emulator for ARM industrial connectors can realize seamless connection with DSP Emulators / Adapters base board, greatly improve the stability of the product. Module Products Module Boards Conversion Module Extension Boards Software Tools Embest IDE Overview Document Resource Purchase Flash Programmer Register Editor Accessories MBS-SAM9X35 SBC board operates at up to 400MHz with 256 Mbytes NandFash ,128MB DDR II,4MB serial DataFlash and 64KB serial EEPROM. It supports Linux ,and offer angstrom and android-2.3.5 r1 test .The board provides a wide range of peripherals, including a high-speed USB2.0 port(480MHz), an Ethernet 10/100 interface, audio interface, a JTAG debug port,Micro SD card interface,SD/MMC card interface, CMOS camera interface.It supports video data collection. Core Board Features: Processor AT91SAM9X25 Core Board Size:67mm*34mm 12MHz crystal oscillator 32.768MHz crystal oscillator 128MB DDR2 memory 256MB nandflash memory with chip selection control switch 4MB SPI Serial dataflash with chip selection control switch 64KB EEPROM 256B 1-wire EEPROM On-board power regulation Two user LEDs Optional PHY SDIOIMM200 card edge interface Base board features The MBM-SAM-9G Base Board is a common main board to connect 9m10 core board & 9x5 core board. Base Board Size:181mm*165mm Supply Voltage:5V DC Supply Current:2A Temperature Range:0~70 ONE WIRE EPPROM(1024-bit) 1JTAG Interface 1Camera Interface(9M10 and 9G25) 224 bit LCD Interface Resistive Touch Panel 1DBGU Interface 3-wire 2UART Serial Port 15-wire 13-wire 210/100Mb Ethernet Interface core board and base board each have a PHY chip 2RS485 Interface 2CAN Bus Interface 1Smart DAA interface 2USB 2.0 Host Interface 1USB High-Speed USB2.0 OTG Interface 4touch buttons QTOUCH 2physical buttons reset,wakeup 2physical buttons reset,wakeup 1Micro SD Interface 1SD card Interface 3user LED 1Analog Output (connected to speaker by default) 1 Analog Output (connected to speaker by default) 1RTC Unit (without battery) 50 GPIO User Extension Interface Software Features NO. Example Programs 1 adc touchscreen 2 adc touchscreen 3 can 4 dma 5 lcd 6 getting-started 7 periph protect 8 pmc clock switching 9 pwm 10 qtouch 11 smc psram 12 spi slave 13 ssc dma audio 14 sysc 15 tc capture waveform 16 twi eeprom 17 twi slave 18 usart hw handshaking 19 usart serial 20 usart spi 21 usart synchronous 22 hsmci multimedia card 23 hsmci sdcard 24 hsmci sdio 25 smc nandflash 26 spi serialflash 27 usb audio looprec 28 usb cdc serial 29 usb core 30 usb hid keyboard 31 usb hid mouse 32 usb hid msd 33 usb hid tansfer 34 usb iad cdc cdc 35 usb iad cdc hid 36 usb iad cdc msd Linux software resources table Type function Desciprion AT91Bootstrap Guide to Uboot 1.Support NandFlash to erase,read and write 2. Support net to download Image Bootloader 3.Support to set and keep environment variables Uboot 4.Support memory to appear , compare and modify 5. Support boot and bootargsto set Ethernet driver ETH0 USART0 Serial driver DBGU CAN0 CAN CAN1 USB HOST*2 USB USB OTG Micro SD SD card driver SD Card Kernel SMD driver LCD+Touch Zigbee driver SPI driver TWI driver Qtouch key driver DMA driver GPIO driver Angstrom file system

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