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Lack of specifications 1206 RoHS

Manufacturer: Everlight
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Product Category
Standard LEDs - SMD
Forward Current
5 mA
Luminous Intensity
Viewing Angle
Forward Voltage Vf
2.35 V
Color Temperature
Peak Wavelength
591 nm
Lens Color
Colorless transparence
Luminous Flux @25
Dominant Wavelength
585.5 nm ~ 591.5 nm
Operating Temperature
- 40 C ~ + 100 C
Mounting Sytle
Diode Configuration
Emitted Color
Power Dissipation
60 mW
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Technical Data Sheet 1206 Package Chip LED 15-21-Y2C-DJ2K2B7X-2T-AM Feature RoHS compliant. Chip LED package. Colorless clear resin. o Wide viewing angle 130 . Brightness: 5.8 to 11.5 mcd at 5mA. Qualification according to AEC-Q101. Precondition: Bases on JEDEC J-STD 020 Level 3. Useable in severe lead free processes with automotive reflow profile (IR reflow or wave soldering)) Applications Automotive backlighting or indicator: Dashboard, switch, audio and video equipmentsetc. Backlight: LCD, switches, symbol, mobile phone and illuminated advertising. Display for indoor and outdoor application. Ideal for coupling into light guides. Substitution of traditional light. Optical indicator. General applications. Device Selection Guide Chip Emitted Color Resin Color Material Brilliant Yellow AlGaInP Water Clear Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. Technical Data Sheet 1206 Package Chip LED 15-21-Y2C-DJ2K2B7X-2T-AM Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25) Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Reverse Voltage V 12 V R Forward Current I 30 mA F Peak Forward Current I 60 mA FP (Duty 1/10 1KHz) Power Dissipation Pd 60 mW Junction Temperature T 115 j Operating Temperature T -40 ~ +100 opr Storage Temperature T -40 ~ +110 stg Rth 800 K/W J-A Thermal resistance Rth 450 K/W J-S Reflow Soldering : 260 for 30 sec. Soldering Temperature T sol Hand Soldering : 350 for 3 sec. ESD 2000 V HBM ESD (Classification acc. AEC Q101) ESD 200 V MM Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.