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MO2W-18O±5%-9T73 electronic component of FlyWin

Metal Oxide Film Resistors 18Ohms ±5% 2W Axial RoHS

Manufacturer: FlyWin
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Product Category
Metal Oxide Resistors
18 Ohms
± 5 %
Temperature Coefficient
± 350 PPM/C
Operating Temperature Range
- 55 C ~ + 155 C
Metal Oxide Resistors
Brand Category
Resistance Ohms
Power Watts
2 W
Mounting Type
Through Hole
Metal Oxide Resistors
Overload Voltage Max
500 V
2 W
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This is a 2 watt axial leaded metal oxide film resistor with a tolerance of ± 5%. It has a resistance of 18 ohms and is manufactured by FlyWin. The resin coating and the terminals of the resistor are RoHS compliant, meaning that the product does not contain any substances above the safe level set by EU regulations for hazardous substances.

Tariff Desc

8533.10.00 17 No Fixed carbon resistors, composition or film types Free