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FSD-4310P-12V electronic component of FUET

Active (driven circuit included) 100dB@12V,10cm Externally Driven 12V 2900Hz Bolt,D=43mm Buzzers ROHS

Manufacturer: FUET
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Product Category
Piezo Buzzers & Audio Indicators
Bulit-In Oscillator Circuit
Frequency - Self Resonant
2900 ± 500Hz
Sound Pressure Level Spl
100dB @ 12V, 10cm
Rated Voltage
12 V
Operating Voltage
6 ~ 28 V
Height - Seated Max
33 mm
33 mm
Diameter D
43 mm
Oscillator Circuit
Active (driven circuit included)
Technology Type
Externally Driven
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EThe FSD-4310P-12V is a 100dB@12V, 10 cm externally driven 12V 2900Hz Bolt, D=43mm buzzer with active (driven circuit included) mechanism manufactured by FUETE. It is compliant with RoHS regulations. The buzzer works by generating an audible alarm at 2900Hz, powered by 12V. It has a loudness of 100dB and its external driver circuit is included. The buzzer has a diameter of 43mm.

Tariff Desc

8531.80.00 Electric sound or visual signalling apparatus (for example, bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms Other apparatus Free

8518.29.90 SPEAKERS unmounted having a diameter less than 80 mm Op. 01.07.1997 Dec. 01.07.1997 - TC 9703706

8518.29.90 TC 9703718 LOUDSPEAKERS unmounted with a diameter less than 350mm

8518.21.00 TC 926725 LOUDSPEAKERS SINGLE having a nominal impedance NOT greater than 50ohms

8518.29 TC 8437985 TWEETERS piezoelectric horn

8518.29.90 TC 9710923 LOUDSPEAKERS shielded, NOT mounted in an enclosure

8518.29.90 TC 9703708 LOUDSPEAKERS in car type unmounted

8518.29.90 TC 9703707 LOUDSPEAKERS, (unmounted) having ANY of the following
(a) woofers having a voice coil manufactured from wire that has a hexagonal cross section and is generally referred to as hexatech voice coils;
(b) woofers having a magnet system where the magnets are completely encircled by the voice coil and where the driver has a short term maximum power to IEC 268-5 of at least 130 W;
(c) woofers utilising magnetic shielding such that they do not cause magnetic interference when in close proximity to a cathode ray tube and where the short term maximum power to IEC 268-5 is at least 130 W and where the BL product (force factor) is at least 3.52;
(d) woofers having a rubber surround and having short term maximum power to IEC 268-5 of at least 130 W and where the BL product (force factor) is at least 3.52;
(e) woofers manufactured with cast magnesium baskets and having a short term maximum power to IEC 268-5 of at least 130W;
(f) woofers having non resonant polymer chassis with non resonant suspension coupling cone and having a short term maximum power to IEC 268-5 of at least 130W