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Resistive Graphic LCD Display Module Transmissive Red, Green, Blue (RGB) TFT - Color I²C, SPI 4.3" (109.22mm) 480 x 272
Manufacturer: Future Designs

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Future Designs

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Future Designs

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Future Designs
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Display Modules
4.3 In
4.6 in X 2.84 in X 0.51 In
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Future Designs, Inc. (Fdi)
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Display Modules
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4.3 Resistive Touch Screen LCD GUI EZ 4.3 4WR GUI 0.51 The uEZ GUI provides everything you need right out of the box to have a touch screen GUI instantly in your project. Each uEZ GUI unit is available in two convenient forms. To get your project started quickly we offer a full development kit complete with JTAG debugger, power supply, cables, a microSD card and full documentation. The Dev Kit Part Number is uEZGUI-1788-43WQR. Once your design is complete, we also offer a cost-effective production module for prototypes or even for high volume production. The module includes the touchscreen display, all of the necessary hardware, and is supported by the uEZ / FreeRTOS open source software. The uEZ GUI module is available off-the-shelf from any of our franchised distributors under Part Number uEZGUI-1788-43WQR-BA. Features Module < 150 in volume t 4.3 TFT WQGVA 480 x 272 LCD Panel with Integrated Touch Screen t NXP LPC1788 120MHz CPU with 512KB Internal Flash t 8MB of SDRAM (optional to 32MB) t 8MB of NOR FLASH (optional to 32MB) t 4GB microSD Memory Card t USB Device Mini-AB for 5.0VDC power and PC communications t USB Host support through adapter cable t NV Data Storage via 4kB Internal EEPROM t Internal Real-Time Clock with Supercap Backup t Speaker, 3-axis Accelerometer, Temperature Sensor t Mini-JTAG Debug Connector t USB Host support through adapter cable t &Y U FS OBM &YQBOTJPO WJB U X P * 0 D POOFD U PST QJOT -UART, I2C, SPI, USB Host/Device, RMII Ethernet TeamFDI (256) 883-1240 TeamFDI FDIProducts4.3 Resistive Touch Screen LCD GUI Module Specifications t . PEVMF 1 / uEZGUI-1788-43WQR-BA t Overall Size: 4.60W x 2.84H x 0.51 T t PO US BTU 3 B UJP U ZQJDBM t Viewable area: 3.74W x 2.12H t -VNJOBODF DE N U ZQJDBM t Weight: 100g JFXJOH7 t OHMF )PS J PO UBM - 3 t Touch Resolution: 480x272 JFXJOH7 t FSOHMF 7 UJDBM 6 % t P XF S 1 D P O T V N Q U J P O U Z Q N B Y N 7% t F N 0 Q Q F F S S B B U U V 5 J SF O H 3 B O H F U P The uEZGUI-1788-43WQR-BA JT UIF TUBOE BMPOF 4 Z TU FN 0O . PEVMF W FSTJPO BOE JT QS JD FE B U MFTT UIBO JO WP M V N F 5 I J T V O J U J T E F T J H O F E U P C F V T F E B T B OPi U I F T I F M G w( S B Q I J D B M 6 T F S * O U F S G B D F ( 6 * P S ) V N B O . B D I J O F *O U F S G B D F ) . * J O B W B S J F U Z P G F O E D V T U P N F S B Q Q M J D B U J P O T 5 I F N J O J B U V S F T F M G D P O U B J O F E E F T J H O J T X F M M T V J U F E U P FNCFE EJS FD UMZ JO U P Z PVS QS PEVD U PS %* P FST QS FQBDL BHFE W FSTJPOT %* BMTP P FST MP X D PTU DVTU PNJ B UJPO services for customer specific hardware, software or packaging applications at volumes of 500 units or more. Software EZ (pronounced Muse) is an open source rapid development platform that supplies application developers with an extensive library of open source software, drivers, and processor support - all under a common framework. EZ allows companies to focus on innovation and their value-added applications while minimizing development time and maximizing software reuse. The diagram to the right shows a typical embedded application stack. The EZ components comprise three primary categories to simplify embedded application development: t 0QFS B UJOH 4 Z TU FN CTUS BD UJPO -B Z FS & 04 - t 4VC TZ TU FN ES JW FST F Y & 5 1 *1 & 64 & %S JW FS t )BS EX BS F CTUS BD UJPO -B Z FS & - Software Included: t V& S FF3 5 04 3 BQJE % FW FMPQNFO U 1 MB UG PS N t V& 4 BG F3 5 04 PQUJPO G PS . FEJDBM 4 BG FU Z QQT t . JDS P4% DBS E NBQT BT 64 MBTI %S JW F U P UIF 1 t 3 P XMFZ S PTT8 PS LT PNQJMFS BOE 5PPM 4VJU F t 4 F H H F S + - J O L - J U F + 5 ( G P S Q S P H S B N N J O H B O E E F C V H t VTU PNJ FE W FSTJPOT B W BJMBCMF Ordering Information Kit Contents ,J U 1B S U / V N C F S V & ( 6 * 8 2 3 ,J U P O U F O U T 4VHHFTU FE 3 FTBMF 1 S JD F 64% t V& (6* 823 1 S PEVD UJPO . PEVMF Order Online at: XXX V & ( 6 * D P N P S G S P N B O Z t 64 % FWJD F DBCMFT G PS 1P X FS BOE 1 D PNNVOJDB UJPOT t 1P X FS 4VQQMZ of our franchised distributors t . JOJ +5 ( % FCVHHFS XJUI DBCMFT Warranty: 30-day money back guarantee t . JDS P 4% BS E 1I P O F B Y t 4 U ZMVT sales %P X O M P B E 6 T F S T . B O V B M E P D V N F O U T T D I F N B U J D T B O E TPG U X BS F F YBNQMFT B U X X X V& (6* D PN TeamFDI (256) 883-1240 TeamFDI FDIProducts FTQFD F IPMEFS BEFNBS LT PG UIFJS S FE US UJW FS JTU FH BEFNBS PEVD LT PS S F US OT * BOE OBNFT BOE QSF % U OBNFT BS FTJH MM CS OD VUVS 3 FW

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8531.20.00 32 .. - Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) Free

ELECTRIC SOUND OR VISUAL SIGNALLING APPARATUS (FOR EXAMPLE, BELLS, SIRENS, INDICATOR PANELS, BURGLAR OR FIRE ALARMS), Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light-emitting diodes (LED)
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