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Analog Comparators SOP-8 RoHS

Manufacturer: Gainsil
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Analog Comparators
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Analog Comparators
SOP - 8
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GS393/393A LOW POWER LOW OFFSET VOLTAGE DUAL COMPARATORS Features Wide Supply Voltage Range Differential Input Voltage Range Equals to the Single Supply: 2.0V to 36V Power Supply Voltage Dual Supplies: 1.0V to 18V Low Output Saturation Voltage: 200mV at 4mA Low Supply Current Drain: 0.6mA Open Collector Output Low Input Bias Current: 25nA (Typical) Small Package: Low Input Offset Current: 5.0nA (Typical) GS393/393A Available in SOP-8 and DIP-8 Packages Low Input Offset Voltage: 1.0mV (Typical) Input Common Mode Voltage Range Includes Ground General Description The GS393/393A consist of two independent precision voltage comparators with a typical offset voltage of 1.0mV and high gain. They are specifically designed to operate from a single power supply over wide range of voltages. Operation from split power supply is also possible and the low power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage.The GS393/393A series are compatible with industry standard 393. GS393A has more stringent input offset voltage than GS393. Applications Battery Charger DC-DC Module Cordless Telephone PC Motherboard Switching Power Supply Communication Equipment Pin Configuration Figure 1. Pin Assignment Diagram Functional Block Diagram Figure 2. Functional Block Diagram of GS393/393A (Each comparator) V0 1/8 GS393/393A Absolute Maximum Ratings Condition Symbol Max Power Supply Voltage Vcc 20V or 40V Differential input voltage V 40V I(DIFF) Input Voltage V -0.3V~40V I Operating Temperature Range Topr -25C ~+125C Storage Temperature Range Tstg -65C ~+150C Note 1: Stresses greater than those listed underAbsolute Maximum Rating may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated underRecommended Operating Condition is not implied. Exposure toAbsolute Max-imum Rating for extended periods may affect device reliability. Note 2: This input current will only exist when the voltage at any of the input leads is driven negative. It is due to the collector-base junction of the input PNP transistors becoming forward biased and thereby acting as input diode clamps. In addition to this diode action, there is also lateral NPN parasitic transistor action on the IC chip. This transistor action can cause the output voltages of the comparators to go to the V+ voltage level (or to ground for a large overdrive) for the time duration that an input is driven negative. This is not destructive and normal output states will re-establish when the input voltage, which was negative, again returns to a value greater than -0.3 VDC at 25C). Package/Ordering Information PACKAGE PACKAGE MARKING MODEL CHANNEL ORDER NUMBER DESCRIPTION OPTION INFORMATION GS393-SR SOP-8 Tape and Reel,4000 GS393 GS393 Dual GS393-DR DIP-8 20Tube(1000pcs) GS393 GS393A-SR SOP-8 Tape and Reel,4000 GS393 GS393A Dual GS393A-DR DIP-8 20Tube(1000pcs) GS393 V0 2/8

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