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Sensor: temperature; thermocouple K; Insulation: fiberglass; 3m
Manufacturer: Guenther

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Product Category
Board Mount Temperature Sensors
Kind Of Temperature Sensor
thermo C ouple K
Screw, M4 Screw
Ferrule Variant
Non - Insulated
Type Of Sensor
Insulator Material
Cable Length
3 m
Operating Temperature
0 To 400 C
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Series 71-KFT GNTHER 71-19010001-0300.M4.TM Thermocouple with cable and lug Series 71-KFT 71-KFT is a series of thermocouple probes with a metal prote- cion tube and thermocouple cable with free ends or terminated by electrical connector according to individual arrangements (socket, plug). The metal cover protects the measuring hot-junction from direct contact with the medium and enables proper positioning and Description installation of the probe. Type 71-19010001-0300.M4.TM Article number 16019824 Thermocouple 1x NiCi-Ni / K with fiberglass insulated cable with external metal braid. Thermocouple hot-junction is grounded to the cable lug. The wires of the cable are colored in accordance with the IEC 60584 standard. Technical parameters Marking Thermocouple 1x NiCr-Ni / K Wire markings acc. to IEC 60584 Thermocouple hot junction grounded o Measuring range 0...+400 C white - green + Accuracy class 1 acc. to IEC 60584 Mounting hole ID for screw M4 Dimension, width B 8mm Cable lug material tinned copper Cable length AL 3000mm Cable insulation fiberglass / metal braid Mounting accessories, screw fittings, flanges, mounting connectors, o Cable ambient temperature 0...+ 400 C plugs and sockets are included in other catalog cards and on the Cable termination free ends 50mm website. GNTHER GmbH Guenther Polska Langkamp Technology B.V. Guenther Tehnica Msurrii S.R.L. Bauhofstrasse 12 Ul. Wrocawska 27C Molenvliet 8 Calea Aurel Vlaicu 28-32 90571 Schwaig 55-095 Dugoka 3961 MV Wijk bij Duurstede 310159 Arad Tel.: +49 911 506995 0 Tel.: +48 71 352 70 70 Tel. +31 343 59 54 17 Tel.: +40 0 257 33 90 15 1 Germany Polska Nederland Romania green white V0119ENX-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Board Mount Temperature Sensors category: Click to view products by Guenther manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : 5962-8757102XA 66F115 MCP9808-EMS MCP98242T-BEMNY MCP9843T-BEMC EMC1063-1-ACZL-TR NCT218FCT2G O53GAB175A-160Y OH10/62,112 3610085020002 389049M9527 TC622EAT TC6501P095VCTTR TC6501P105VCTTR TC6501P125VCTTR MCP9802A0T-M/OT MCP9803T-M/SN MCP9843-BEST TC6501P115VCTTR TC6502P065VCTTR ADM1023ARQZ-REEL ADM1024ARUZ-REEL ADM1032ARMZ-1RL AT30TS74-U1FMBB-T AT30TS74-U1FMAB-T AT30TS74- U1FMCB-T AT30TS74-U1FMDB-T ADT7483AARQZ-RL ADT7481ARMZ-REEL ADT7463ARQZ-REEL MCP98243T-BEMNY MCP98243T-BE/MC 66L080-0226 MAX31820MCR+T MAX1452CAEC8H DS1780E TMP05BKSZ-REEL7 5962-8757103XA WTK-14- 36/N E52-CA6D-N 4M MCP98244T-BEMNY MCP9802A5T-MOT MAX6581TG9A+T DS75S-C11+T&R S-58LM20A-I4T1U MAX6501UKP120+T MCP98243T-BE/ST AT30TS01-MAA5M-T NCT375DR2G DS18S20-SL+T&R

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