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K-type compensating lead; Outside insul.material: PVC; 0.22mm2
Manufacturer: Guenther

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Product Category
Temperature Sensor Modules
Wire Cross-Section Shape
Type Of Sensor
K - Type Compensating Lead
Inner Insulation Material
Outer Insulation Material
Number Of Cores
Core Section
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Gnther GmbH Temperaturmesstechnik 92 - THL // Thermoelectric conductors 93 - AGL // Compensation cables 92-THL 93-AGL92 - THL // Thermoelectric cables 93 - AGL // Compensation cables Colour index for compensation and thermoelectric cables and for thermal plugs Thermoelectric cables and compensation cables are essentially Thermocouple type IEC 584 DIN 43714 ANSI MC 96.1 differentiated on the basis of the materials they are made of. Thermoelectric cables are made of the respective original NiCr-Ni / K thermocouple materials or of materials which have the + green / - white + red / - green + yellow / - red Sheath: green Sheath: green Sheath: yellow same nominal chemical composition as the corresponding thermocouples. For this reason thermoelectric cables are suitable for use as trailing thermocouples after a measuring Fe-CuNi / L point has been completed. They are named in accordance with + red / - blue the distinguishing letter of the respective thermocouple followed Sheath: blue by an X (e.g. KX). Compensation cables are made of replacement materials which Fe-CuNi /J are not identical with the original thermocouple materials + black / - white + white / - red Sheath: black however, up to a certain authorised temperature range, they Sheath: black do have the same thermoelectric properties. They are named in accordance with the identification letter of the respective Pt10Rh-Pt / S thermocouple followed by a C (e.g. KC). + orange / - white + red / - white + black / - red Sheath: orange Sheath: white Sheath: green Cable structure: Thermoelectric cables are produced both as stranded conductors and as solid conductors, generally with cross- Pt13Rh-Pt / R 2 2 sections of 0.22 mm to 1.50 mm or with diameters of 0.2 mm + black / - red + orange / - white + red / - white to 1.0 mm. Compensation cables are produced as stranded Sheath: orange Sheath: white Sheath: green 2 conductors, generally with cross-sections of 0.22 mm to 2 1.50 mm . Pt30Rh-Pt6Rh / B + grey / - white + grey / - red Tolerances, limiting deviations and colour marking: Sheath: grey Sheath: grey Cables for thermal conductors and compensation conductors comply with DIN 43713. Thermoelectric voltages within an authorised temperature range comply with DIN EN 60584-1. NiCrosil-Nisil / N Limiting deviations for thermal and compensation conductors + pink / - white are stipulated in DIN 43722. Precision category 1 applies for Sheath: pink thermoelectric cables and category 2 applies for thermoelectric cables and for compensation cables (apart from thermocouple Cu-CuNi / U types U and L in accordance with DIN 43710, equivalent to + red / - brown 3C). The colour codes for cables which Gnther-GmbH has Sheath: brown in stock comply with DIN 43722 (except for thermocouple types U and L in accordance with DIN 43714). Cu-CuNi / T Selection criteria for thermoelectric cables and + brown / - white compensation cables: Sheath: brown A suitable choice of cable for a specific application depends The basic data for the individual thermocouples is the same for all of the greatly on influencing factors and on ambient conditions. specifications indicated. Thermocouples U and L are only normed in DIN 43710/1985. For new equipment and for retrofits we recommend that only thermocouples in accordance with IEC 584 be used (T instead of U and For example: J instead of L). J and T type thermocouples are not identical with types L thermal stability, stress, flexibility, resistance to moisture and U. or aggressive media, cross-section of conductors, outer dimensions, flammability, electromagnetic compatibility (sheath) Limiting deviations in accordance with EN 60584-2 (comparison point 0C) and many more. We suggest that you speak to us about your specific application. We will gladly give you advice and Code letter Range Class 1 Range Class 2 endeavour to offer you a conductor suitable for your particular J -40 ... 750C 1,5C or 0,004(t) -40 ... 750C 2,5C or 0,0075(t) application. K -40 ... 1000C 1,5C or 0,004(t) -40 ... 1200C 2,5C or 0,0075(t) Product range: T -40 ... 350C 0,5C or 0,004(t) -40 ... 350C 1,0C or 0,0075(t) Gnther-Gmbh supplies almost all of the widely-used thermal E -40 ... 800C 1,5C or 0,004(t) -40 ... 900C 2,5C or 0,0075(t) and compensation cables from stock. Special dimensions or S / R 0 ... 1600C 1,0C or 0 ... 1600C 1,5C or 0,0025(t) designs can generally be procured at short notice. The article 1,0+0,003(t-1100) C numbers for cables from our standard range are all listed in N -40 ... 1000C 1,5C or 0,004(t) -40 ... 1200C 2,5C or 0,0075(t) bold print on the following pages. B 600 ... 1700C 1,5C or 0,0025(t) The higher figure applies (t = number for the temperature in C) Edition english 002 Product group 92-THL/93-AGL Page 1 of 13

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8542.3 - Electronic integrated circuits:
8542.31.00 -- Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits:
61 No ..Linear/analogue and peripheral integrated circuits, timers, voltage regulators, A/D and D/A converters, telecommunication and modem integrated circuits, other than board level products
62 No ..Other
63 No Hybrid integrated circuits
64 No Multichip integrated circuits