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MP2008P4AS electronic component of Hitachi Metals

Ferrite Toroids Ferrite Rings 20mmOD x 8mmID MEGAMP Core HB

Manufacturer: Hitachi Metals
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Hitachi Metals

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Hitachi Metals
Product Category
Ferrite Toroids / Ferrite Rings
Core Material
Metglas Alloy
Product Type
Ferrite Toroids / Ferrite Rings
Inside Diameter
10.7 mm
Outside Diameter
22.5 mm
Outside Height
10.7 mm
2714A Magamp
Square Loop Core
Hitachi Metals
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 90 C
Factory Pack Quantity :
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High Performance Metglas Square Loop Cores Technical Bulletin Square Loop Cores manufactured with cobalt-based Typical DC Hysteresis Loop METGLAS Alloy 2714A M E TGLAS amorphous alloy 2714A allow the design of mag amps that can operate at higher frequencies than previously possible. Their combination of magnetic properties enable magnetic amplifiers to provide unparalleled precision and efficiency in output regulation. Mag amps are particularly well suited for outputs with currents of 1 amp to several tens of amps, although they are also used at lower currents where tight regulation and efficiency are extremely important. Conventional regulated outputs are limited at higher frequencies and output currents. Linear regulators cannot handle output currents that exceed one or two amperes efficiently, and thus require heat sinking schemes, which increase the size of the power supply. Independent switched-mode sub-regulators METGLAS Square Loop magnetic cores are specifically avoid this inefficiency, but usually require circuitry designed to exhibit an extremely square dc Hysteresis which is more complex, expensive and less reliable loop and high BSAT resulting in the following than a mag amp. important benefits: Standard sizes are available from 9.6 mm to Low saturated permeability 34.1 mm OD and the possibility of manufacturing custom sizes also exists. Core coatings meeting UL94V-0 and temperature class F are available Low coercive field indicating a small reset current upon request. Low profile enabling weight and volume reduction of up to 50% Low loss resulting from micro-thin METGLAS ribbon (18m) Physical Properties METGLAS Alloy 2714A Magnetic Properties METGLAS Square Loop Cores Ribbon Thickness (m) . 18 Saturation Flux Density (Tesla) .0.57 3 Density (g/cm ) .7.59 Saturation Magnetostriction (ppm) .<<1 Thermal Expansion (ppm/C) 12.7 Electrical Resistivity (--cm) 142 Crystallization Temperature (C) . 560 Squareness Ratio (%) >95 Curie Temperature (C) .225 Continuous Service Temperature (C) . <120 2 Tensile Strength (MN/m ) .1k-1.7k 2 Elastic Modulus (GN/m ) 100-110 Vickers Hardness (50g load) . 960 Copyright 2003-2011 Metglas , Inc. - 1 - All Rights Reserved ref:MAGA04202011 FLUX DENSITY (T) High Performance Metglas Square Loop Cores Technical Bulletin Copyright 2003-2011 Metglas , Inc. - 2 - All Rights Reserved ref:MAGA04202011

Tariff Desc

8504.50.10 Electrical transformers, static converters (for example, rectifiers) and inductors.

8504.50 COILS, toroidal, having ALL of the following: (a) winding wire dia NOT exceeding 0.25 mm; (b) internal window dia NOT exceeding 40 mm; (c) external dia NOT exceeding 55 mm Op. 17.06.1985 Dec. 13.01.1986 - TC 8532473

8504.90 CORES AND SHAPES, ferrite, iron powder or molybdenum permalloy powder Op. 13.03.1984 Dec. 13.03.1984 - TC 8342777

8547.9 TC 8535449 SHEETING OR SHAPES, electrically insulating, thermally conductive,
being combinations of two OR more of the following:
(a) silicone rubber;
(b) glass fibre;
(c) boron nitride;
(d) polyimide;
(e) copper