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FPL100/100/4-BH1T electronic component of Kemet

Ferrite Toroids Ferrite Rings 4900kgm3 Thck=4mm 3.7kW AEC-Q200

Manufacturer: Kemet
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Ships to you between Thu. 12 Oct to Mon. 16 Oct

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Product Category
Ferrite Toroids / Ferrite Rings
Product Type
Ferrite Toroids / Ferrite Rings
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 125 C
Aec - Q200
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Ferrite Material WPT Ferrite Tiles, FPL Series Overview Applications Ferrite material is used in tiles, plates, or pads in wireless Au to m o ti ve W i r e l es s P owe r Tr a ns fe r ( W P T ) p owe r c ha r g i n g sys te ms to i n c r eas e sys te m e ffi c ie n c y, I n d us tr ial W i r e l es s P owe r Tr a ns fe r ( W P T ) by s hie l di n g a n d r e fl e c ti n g th e ma g n e ti c fi e l d w i thi n th e i n d u c ti ve tr a ns fe r a r ea . K E M E T s fe r r i te til es a r e d esi g n e d w i th th e la tes t p r o p r ie t a r y fe r r i te ma te r ial te c h n o l o g y to of fe r th e hi g h es t c ha r g i n g e ffi c ie n c y. FPL100 Benefits I n c r eas e d e ffi c ie n c y i n hi g h p owe r W P T sys te ms fr o m 3.7 3 0.0 k W H i g h o p e r a ti n g fr e q u e n c y r a n g e u p to 1 M Hz O p e r a ti n g te m p e r a t u r e r a n g e fr o m 4 0C to +125 C L ow te m p e r a t u r e r ise w i th hi g h ma g n e ti c fl u x d e nsi t y Availa b l e i n va r i o us g e o m e tr i c sizes o n r e q u es t A ECQ 2 0 0 quali fi e d (s tr es s tes t) FPL150 FPL240 Built Into Tomorrow KEMET Electronics Corporation KEMET Tower One East Broward Boulevard FM0001 FPL 4/19/2021 1 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA 954-766-2800 www.kemet.comFerrite Material WPT Ferrite Tiles, FPL Series Ordering Information FPL 100/ 100/ 4- BH1T Series L e n g t h (m m) W i d t h (m m) T h i c k n e s s (m m) Material 4 10 100 5 12 60 FPL 150 BH1T 6 16 100 240 8 20 Environmental Compliance All KEMET Ferrite Tiles are RoHS and REACH Compliant. Material Characteristics Item Property Conditions Material Characteristics I n i t ia l P e r m ea b ili t y ui 2 3 C 3,000 25% 2 3 C 3 4 5 K W/m 3 8 0 C 3 2 0 K W/m 3 10 0 k H z Core Loss Pcv 200 mT 10 0C 3 3 0 K W/m 3 120C 3 7 0 K W/m 3 Curie Temperature Tc 2 2 0 C 2 3 C 520 mT Ef f e c t i ve S a t u r a t i o n M a g n e t i c F l u x D e n s i t y Bms 1,200 A/m 10 0C 410 mT Effective Saturation Coercive Force Hc 2 3 C 8.5 A/m D ensit y d 4 ,9 0 0 kg /m 3 KEMET Electronics Corporation KEMET Tower One East Broward Boulevard FM0001 FPL 4/19/2021 2 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA 954-766-2800

Tariff Desc

8504.50.10 Electrical transformers, static converters (for example, rectifiers) and inductors.

8504.50 COILS, toroidal, having ALL of the following: (a) winding wire dia NOT exceeding 0.25 mm; (b) internal window dia NOT exceeding 40 mm; (c) external dia NOT exceeding 55 mm Op. 17.06.1985 Dec. 13.01.1986 - TC 8532473

8504.90 CORES AND SHAPES, ferrite, iron powder or molybdenum permalloy powder Op. 13.03.1984 Dec. 13.03.1984 - TC 8342777

8547.9 TC 8535449 SHEETING OR SHAPES, electrically insulating, thermally conductive,
being combinations of two OR more of the following:
(a) silicone rubber;
(b) glass fibre;
(c) boron nitride;
(d) polyimide;
(e) copper
Arcotronics KEMET
Arcotronics / KEMET
Evox Rifa KEMET
evox rifa / kemet