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Board Mount Pressure Sensors Basic Pressure Sensor

Manufacturer: Honeywell
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Board Mount Pressure Sensors
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Pressure Sensors
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32305128 Issue I ABP SERIES Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors High Accuracy, Compensated/Ampliefi d 60 mbar to 10 bar 6 kPa to 1 MPa 1 psi to 150 psi Digital or Analog Output, Liquid Media Capable to aging of the sensor terminals, which DESCRIPTION minimizes the concern about aging The ABP Series are piezoresistive silicon of the terminals prior PCB assembly. pressure sensors offering a ratiometric Pressure choices allow engineers analog or digital output for reading to select range required for their pressure over the specified full scale application. Leadless SMT, SMT, and pressure span and temperature range. DIP package options. They are calibrated and temperature Cost-effective: Small size helps compensated for sensor offset, engineers reduce design and sensitivity, temperature effects and manufacturing costs while maintaining accuracy errors (which include non- enhanced performance and reliability linearity, repeatability and hysteresis) of the systems they design. using an on-board Application Specific Accurate: Total Error Band (TEB) and Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Calibrated FEATURES wide pressure range enable engineers output values for pressure are updated to optimize system performance by Measures gage and differential at approximately 1 kHz for analog and improving resolution and system pressures 2 kHz for digital. All products are accuracy. Optional internal diagnostics Total Error Band (see Figure 1): 1.5 %FSS designed and manufactured according validate that the sensor readings are Liquid media option: Allows for wet/wet to ISO 9001 standards. correct. operation on dual ported devices Dry gases option: The input port is Flexible: Supply voltage range, variety Industry-leading long-term stability: limited to non-corrosive, non-ionic of pressure units, types, and ranges, 0.25 %FSS media (e.g., dry air, gases) and should output options, and wide operating Industry-leading accuracy: 0.25 %FSS BFSL not be exposed to condensation. The temperature range simplify use in the Wide pressure range: 60 mbar to 10 bar gases are limited to media compatible application. 6 kPa to 1 MPa 1 psi to 150 psi with high temperature polyamide, Versatile: Wet-media compatibility, As small as 8 mm x 7 mm silicone, alumina ceramic, silicon, gold, sleep mode, and temperature High burst pressures (see Table 7) and glass. output options make the sensor a Calibrated over temperature range of Liquid media option: Includes an versatile choice for Internet of Things 0C to 50C 32F to 122F additional silicone-based gel coating applications. Operates from a single power supply of to protect the electronics under Honeywell Brand: Utilize proprietary either 3.3 Vdc or 5.0 Vdc port P1, which enables use with 2 Honeywell technology, and are Output: Ratiometric analog or I C- or non-corrosive liquids (e.g. water and protected by multiple global patents. SPI-compatible 12-bit digital saline) and in applications where Food Safety Certification for North Power consumption: 2 A typical when condensation can occur. Since port P2 America, Europe and Asia. utilizing sleep mode option is designed for use with non-corrosive Meets IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D.1 liquids, this option is often suitable for Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 requirements wet-wet differential sensing. POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS REACH and RoHS compliant Medical: CPAP, blood analysis, blood Options: Internal diagnostic function, pressure monitoring, breast pumps, DIFFERENTIATION liquid media, sleep mode, temperature drug dosing, hospital beds, massage Enhanced accuracy helps the design output machines, oxygen concentrators, engineer fully understand the error in Sensor materials have been tested and patient monitoring, sleep apnea measurement. certified for these food safety standards: equipment, urine analyzers, Wide supply voltage range offers - NSF-169 ventilators/portable ventilators, and design flexibility. - BPA Free wound therapy Power consumption when utilizing - LFGB Industrial: Air brakes, HVAC/ sleep mode option allows for use in transmitters, life sciences, material battery-powered applications. handling, pneumatic control and regulation, process gas monitoring, PORTFOLIO VALUE TO CUSTOMERS and valve positioning/positioners Simplifies design-in: Small size Honeywell offers a variety Commercial: Air beds, coffee makers, saves room on the PC board (PCB), and washing machines of board mount pressure sensors for or simplifies design in smaller and potential use in medical and industrial lower power devices. Meets Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 requirements, which applications. To view the entire product allows for unlimited shelf life when portfolio, click here. stored at <30 C/85 %RH and, under most storage conditions, allows for PCB soldering without any material concern about solder joint quality due Sensing and Internet of ThingsBASIC BOARD MOUNT PRESSURE SENSORS, ABP SERIES FIGURE 1. TOTAL ERROR BAND Total Error Band (TEB) is a single specification that includes all possible sources of error. TEB should not be confused with All Possible Errors accuracy, which is actually a component of TEB. TEB is the worst Offset error that the sensor could experience. The TEB specification Full Scale Span on a datasheet may be confusing. Honeywell uses the TEB Pressure Non-Linearity specification in its datasheet because it is the most comprehensive Total Accuracy Pressure Hysteresis Error measurement of a sensors true accuracy. Honeywell also BFSL Pressure Non-Repeatibility Band provides the accuracy specification in order to provide a common Thermal Effect on Offset comparison with competitors literature that does not use the Thermal Effect on Span TEB specification. Many competitors do not use TEBthey simply specify the accuracy of their device. Their accuracy specification, Thermal Hysteresis however, may exclude certain parameters. On their datasheet, the errors are listed individually. When combined, the total error (or what would be TEB) can be significant. 1 TABLE 1. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS CHARACTERISTIC MIN. MAX. UNIT Supply voltage (V ) -0.3 6.0 Vdc supply Voltage on any pin -0.3 V + 0.3 V supply Digital interface clock frequency: 2 I C 100 400 kHz SPI 50 800 ESD susceptibility (human body model) 2 kV Storage temperature -40 -40 85 185 C F Soldering time and temperature: lead solder temperature (DIP) 4 s max. at 250C 482F peak reflow temperature (Leadless SMT, SMT) 15 s max. at 250C 482F 1 Absolute maximum ratings are the extreme limits the device will withstand without damage. TABLE 2. ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER CHARACTERISTIC Humidity: all external surfaces 0 %RH to 95 %RH, non-condensing internal surfaces of Liquid Media Option (T, V, B, C, F, G) 0 %RH to 100 %RH, condensing internal surfaces of Dry Gases Option (N, D) 0 %RH to 95 %RH, non-condensing 15 g, 10 Hz to 2 kHz Vibration 100 g, 6 ms duration Shock 1 1 million pressure cycles minimum Life J-STD-020-D.1 Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 Solder reflow (unlimited shelf life when stored at <30C/85 %RH) NSF-169, BPA Free, LFGB Certification (silicone gel coating option: Port 1 only) 1 Life may vary depending on specific application in which the sensor is used. 1 TABLE 3. WETTED MATERIALS PRESSURE PORT 1 (P1) COMPONENT PRESSURE PORT 2 (P2) DRY GAS OPTION LIQUID MEDIA OPTION Ports and covers high temperature polyamide Metal gel ring 304 SST Substrate alumina ceramic alumina ceramic Adhesives epoxy, silicone epoxy, silicone gel epoxy, silicone silicon, glass, gold, Electronic components silicon aluminum 1 Contact Honeywell Customer Service for detailed material information. TABLE 4. SENSOR PRESSURE TYPES PRESSURE TYPE DESCRIPTION Gage Output is proportional to the difference between applied pressure and atmospheric (ambient) pressure. Differential Output is proportional to the difference between the pressures applied to each port (Port 1 Port 2). 2 Sensing and Internet of Things

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