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Pressure Sensors RoHS

Manufacturer: UNEO
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Board Mount Pressure Sensors
Board Mount Pressure Sensors
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GD25-100N Rev 1.1, 02/2016 TM The Uneo pressure sensor series is a Wall Street Journal Technology Award and Edison Award-winning ultrathin flexible force sensing sensor suitable for a wide range of human-machine interface measurement from a gentle finger touch to full-body weighing scales. The patented sensor technology employs the latest advances in piezoresistive polymer composite processing and printing-based micromachining technology to enable simple and high-quality linear output in the form of variable conductance (inverse of resistance) that is proportional to the input force. Features > Linearity Exceeding 99% over 0 to 100N > Capable of up to 10 Million Actuations > Wide Temperature Range -40C ~ 65C > Compatible with Simple Voltage-Divider Readout > Environmentally-Friendly Fabrication ORDERING INFORMATION Device Name Force Range Sensor Type Connector Type Uneo GD25 0 100N Resistive Crimpflex Package Uneo GD25-100N Uneo Inc., 2015. All rights reserved. 1 GD25-100N a Operating Characteristics Table 1. Operating Characteristics (TA = 25C unless otherwise noted, F is positive) Characteristic Symbol Min Typ Max Unit (1) Force Range F 0 100 N OP (2) Linearity 0.99 (3) Repeatability 2 % (4) Hysteresis 2 % (5) Drift 6 %/log(s) (6) Response Time t 0.1 ms R (7) Temperature Sensitivity Y/T 0.35 %/C 1. The equivalent pressure on sensor can be computed as the force on sensing area divided by the sensor area. 2. Linearity indicates how well force vs. sensor conductance is correlated linearly. It is computed by taking the coefficient of 2 determination, or R , of measurements in sensor s operating force range. 3. Repeatability accounts for how well the sensor can reproduce a reading when the same force is applied within the rated operating TM force range. Uneo sensor is manufactured to minimize need for additional sensor pre-conditioning. 4. Hysteresis is the difference between sensor output values when force is added or removed continuously from the sensor. The value is defined by the maximum difference in sensor output values, at the same force, during the loading and unloading of force in the rated operating force range. 5. Drift is the gradual shift the sensor output while the sensor is subjected to a fixed force, and is defined as percentage of shift relative to initial reading over time. Typically, the sensor conductance will increase gradually with time, so such factor should be considered to derive accurate force measurement. 6. Response time (tR) is defined as the time for the incremental change in the output to get from 10% to 90% of the final value when subjected to a change in applied force. 7. Temperature Sensitivity is measured by the percentage change in output conductance per change in operating temperature. The rating is only applicable when sensor is operated within conditions described in Table 2. Maximum Ratings Table 2. Maximum Ratings Rating Symbol Value Unit Storage Temperature T -40 to +90 C stg Operating Temperature T -40 to +65 C A Operating beyond the specified limits could change the sensor output characteristic permanently. Uneo Inc., 2015. All rights reserved. 2 GD25-100N a

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8542.31.20 No ..Linear/analogue and peripheral integrated circuits, timers, voltage regulators, A/D and D/A converters, telecommunication and modem integrated circuits, other than board level products