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06T4A32V electronic component of Hongda

Surface Mount Fuses 0603 RoHS

Manufacturer: Hongda
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The 06T4A32V with Surface Mount Fuses 0603 RoHS is a RoHS compliant fuse manufactured by Hongda. This fuse is a 0603 size surface mount with a current rating of 32V. The fuse is designed to trip if an overcurrent condition of up to 4.0 A is detected. The RoHS compliance ensures that this fuse is built with lead-free materials, and offers greater protection against shorts and overloads.

Tariff Desc

8536.10 FUSES AND FUSE HOLDERS, subminiature, plug in or pigtail type known as picofuses or microfuses, dimensions NOT exceeding 6mm x 18mm TC 8530773

8536.1 TC 8734467 FUSE LINKS, having ALL of the following:
(a) dimensions NOT exceeding 6.35mm x 32.0mm
(b) current rating NOT exceeding 50A
(c) voltage rating NOT exceeding 250V

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