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2410SFV3.00FM/125-2 electronic component of Littelfuse

Surface Mount Fuses VERY FAST FGL 125VAC 3 A SZ 2410

Manufacturer: Littelfuse
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Product Category
Surface Mount Fuses
y Icon ROHS
surface mount fuses
Fuse Type
fast blow
Current Rating
3 a3 A
Voltage Rating DC
125 v125 V
Fuse Size/Group
2410 (6127 metric)
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 55 c - 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 125 c + 125 C
cut tapeCut Tape
6.25 mm l x 2.64 mm w
Operating Temperature Range
- 55 c to + 125 c - 55 C to + 125 C
wire in air design fuse
Case Height
2.36 mm2.36 mm
Case Length
6.25 mm6.25 mm
Case Width
2.64 mm2.64 mm
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Surface-Mount Fuses Fundamentals Surface-Mount Fuses Fundamentals Overview TE Circuit Protection offers the widest selection of surface-mount fuses available for addressing a broad range of overcurrent protection applications. Helping to prevent costly damage and promote a safe environment for electronic and electrical equipment, our single-use chip fuses provide performance stability to support applications with current ratings from .5A up to 20A. TE Circuit Protection also offers the telecom FT600 fuse for telecommunications applications. This telecom fuse helps comply with North American overcurrent protection requirements, including Telcordia, GR-1089, TIA-968-A (formerly FCC Part 68), and UL60950 3rd edition. Multi-layer Design for Chip Fuses The multi-layer design has the benet of exposing more fuse Figure SF1 element surface area to the glass-ceramic absorption material. Glass/Ceramic Multiple Fuse Substrate Single Fuse Glass When the fuse elements open, there is more material for the Substrate Elements Material Element Coating vaporizing fuse metals to absorb into, resulting in a very efcient and effective quenching of the fuse arc. Figure SF1 compares the multi-layer design of our SFF fuses with standard glass coated designs. The glass coated designs rely on Multi-layer Design Single-layer Glass Coated Design the coating on only one side of the fuse element to absorb the vaporizing fuse material when it opens. Therefore, there is much less absorption material available to absorb the fuse metals. The Figure SF2 Fault Zones result can be prolonged arcing and possible coating breach. Figure SF2 shows how the absorption characteristics of the two designs differ. The multi-layer design indicates a clean separation with the fuse element evenly diffusing into the surrounding 10 ceramic substrate. In the glass coated design, the element diffusion takes place in a small portion of the device and is only Multi-layer Design Single-layer Glass Coated Design absorbed by the glass material directly above the area of failure. Wire-In-Air Design for 2410SFV Fuses The 2410(6125) is a Wire-In-Air SMD fuse that is suitable for Figure SF3 secondary level overcurrent protection applications. Glass Fiber Enforced Epoxy Body Figure SF3 compares our straight wire element design 2410SFV fuses with normal corrugated wire design fuse. Straight Wire Element The straight wire element in air provides consistent fusing and cutting characteristics together with inrush current Copper Terminal withstanding capability. Plated with Ni and Tin By introducing PCB assembly technology into the 2410SFV fuse design and manufacturing process, lead-free compliance has Ceramic Body been achieved without the problems associated with end caps on traditional ceramic devices. Corrugated Wire Element End Cap Plated with Tin RoHS Compliant, ELV Compliant HF Halogen Free 107 2013_CP_S10-Fuses-1-Fundamentals.indd 107 8/3/13 10:58 AMTemperature Derating A fuse is a temperature sensitive device. Therefore, operating temperature will have an efect on fuse performance and lifetime. Operating temperature should be taken into consideration when selecting the fuse current rating. The Thermal Derating Curve for surface-mount fuses is presented in Figure SF4. Use it to determine the derating percentage based on operating temperature and apply it to the derated system current. Figure SF4 1206/0603/0402 Series 2410 Series Temperature Effect on Current Rating Temperature Effect on Current Rating 110 110 105 100 100 90 95 80 88% 90 70 85 60 80 50 75 40 70 30 65 20 60 10 55 0 50 -55 -45 -35 -25 -15 -5 5 15 25 35 45 55 65 70 85 95 105 115 125 -55 -35 -15 5 25 45 65 85 105 125 Maximum Operating Temperature (C) Maximum Operating Temperature (C) Pulse Cycle Derating 2 Once the I t value for the application waveform has been determined, Figure SF5 it must be derated based on the number of cycles expected over Surface-mount Fuse Pulse Derating Curve 100% the system lifetime. Since the stress induced by the current pulse is mechanical in nature, the number of times the stress is applied has signicant bearing on how much derating must be applied to the fuse rating. Figure SF5 presents the current pulse derating curve for our surface-mount chip fuses up to 100,000 cycles. 10% 100 1000 10000 100000 Number of Pulses Selecting Surface-mount Fuses Fuse selection seems straightforward, in that you pick one which has a current rating just a bit higher than your worst case system operating current. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are derating considerations for operating current and application temperature. Turn-on and other system operations (like processor speed changes or motor start up) cause current surges or spikes that also require consideration when selecting a fuse. So selecting the right fuse for your application is not as 10 simple as knowing the nominal current drawn by the system. Fuse Selection Flowchart However, the basic considerations for fuse selection are shown in the ow chart presented in Figure SF6. Following this ow chart will help you select a fuse best suited for your application conditions. For a detailed example of this process you can download our Fuse Selection Guide available on our website. Figure SF6 Step 1 Apply Standard Steady Apply Steady State Determine Steady State State Derating (75%) Temperature Derating Fuse Current Fuse Current Rating [I I /0.75] [I I /0.75/K ] Rating fuse sys fuse sys temp Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Determine Pulse Apply Pulse Apply Pulse Apply Derating Select Fuse Current Waveform by Cycle Derating Temperature for Variance in Rating for Pulse 2 Calculating I t Derating the Circuit Environment Step 7 Select Fuse Current Rating Step 8 Check Voltage Rating (Use Higher Value Between Step 1 and Step 6) RoHS Compliant, ELV Compliant HF Halogen Free 108 2013_CP_S10-Fuses-1-Fundamentals.indd 108 8/14/13 9:21 AM % Derating % Derating 2 % of Minimum I t

Tariff Desc

8536.10 FUSES AND FUSE HOLDERS, subminiature, plug in or pigtail type known as picofuses or microfuses, dimensions NOT exceeding 6mm x 18mm TC 8530773

8536.1 TC 8734467 FUSE LINKS, having ALL of the following:
(a) dimensions NOT exceeding 6.35mm x 32.0mm
(b) current rating NOT exceeding 50A
(c) voltage rating NOT exceeding 250V
Hamlin Littelfuse
Hamlin / Littelfuse
Hamlin Inc
Hartland Controls / Littelfuse
Littelfuse Teccor Sidactor Product
Littelfuse Wickmann Brand
Littelfuse / US Sensor
Littelfuse Inc
Littelfuse Inc.
Little Fuse / Wickmann
SSAC Relays
TE Connectivity / Circuit Protection