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10D821K electronic component of Hongzhi

Varistors 670V 1355V 2.5KA Through Hole RoHS

Manufacturer: Hongzhi
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Clamping Voltage
Varistor Voltage
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Allowable Voltage Dc
Allowable Voltage Ac
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The 10D821K with Varistors 670V 1355V 2.5KA Through Hole RoHS is a varistor manufactured by Hongzhi. This is an electronic component used in circuits to protect against sudden surges in voltage. It is an AC voltage-dependent resistor made of a ceramic disk with a metal layer on one side, and has a Through Hole mounting option. This device has a rated breakdown voltage range of 670V to 1355V. It also has a clamping or peak current of 2.5kA. The 10D821K is compliant with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

Tariff Desc

8535.40.10 SURGE ARRESTERS, METAL OXIDE Op. 30.08.2004 Dec. 05.11.2004 - TC 0408864

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