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Software WindLGC SmartRelay Software
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New Advanced Features * Think Automation and beyond... PS5R Slim Line Power Supplies SA1E Sensors Choose your sensing method, operation mode, control output and IDEC PS5R Slim Line power supplies have connection method with the simple and affordable SA1E sensors, all the features, all the power, and only half and get exactly what you need in a very small package. There are the size of traditional power supplies. Save 32 models available, all rated IP67 for water resistance, with a re- valuable DIN Rail space with the 30W, 60W, sponse time of 1 msec (maximum). Special interference prevention 90W, 120W, or 240W models which can fit allows close mounting of two sensors (except for through-beam any of your power needs. The PS5R Slim type), and the quick connect and disconnect option make installa- Line models are UL508 and UL1604 listed tion a breeze. for hazardous locations. The 30W and 60W models are also NEC Class 2 rated. The 120W and 240W models comply with SEMI F47 sag immunity requirements. Support Information HW Switches In basic black or stylish metal, the HW series of 22mm IDEC SmartRelay switches from IDEC are available in several styles to dress up any panel. HW pushbuttons and pilot devices Technical support: are internationally-rated, designed for use almost support anywhere in the world, and have removable contact blocks, finger-safe terminals, and tamperproof 800-262-IDEC construction. Choose simple black plastic bezels for clean uniformity or chrome-plated metallic bezels for a rugged industrial look. Think Automation and beyond... USA Japan Germany China/Beijing China/Shenzhen IDEC Corporation IDEC Corporation IDEC Elektrotechnik GmbH IDEC (Shanghai) Corporation IDEC (Shenzhen) Corporation Tel: (408) 747-0550 Tel: +81-6-6398-2571 Tel: +49-40-253054-10 Tel: +86-10-6599-5541 Tel: +86-755-8356-2977 opencontact products service IDEC SmartRelay Canada United Kingdom Hong Kong China/Shanghai Singapore IDEC Canada Ltd. IDEC Electronics Ltd. IDEC (H.K.) Co., Ltd. IDEC (Shanghai) Corporation IDEC Asia Pte. Ltd. Tel: (905) 890-8561 Tel: +44-1256-321000 Tel: +852-2803-8989 Tel: +86-21-5353-1000 Tel: +65-6746-1155 sales idec info idec info Australia Taiwan IDEC Australia Pty. Ltd. IDEC Taiwan Corporation Tel: +61-3-9763-3244 2006 IDEC Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Tel: +886-2-2698-3929 sales Catalog No. FL9Y-B100-0 2/06 15K service Speci cations and other descriptions in this catalog are subject to change without notice.) ) . / - % .PUPSSNBUVSF F . - 7 - 43 4 BTU 4MPX 4QFFE POUSPM - - . 3 JFME POUBDUPS 8JOEJOH .PUPS JFME 7 4UBSU 3 3 3 4UPQ The possibilities are endless 1 2 3 SelectProgra from the Create your control logic. SelectStart and you re done. main menu. Why spend all that time wiring when it s as simple as 1, 2, 3 Your time is valuable and with that in mind, IDEC has created a product Smart Control - IDEC SmartRelay that will require very little of it. Using a system smaller than a PLC, with Look around you. IDEC SmartRelays are everywhere You can available expansion modules, you can get everything you need minimal wiring, mounting as simple as a quick snap on to a DIN rail, find them in lighting controls, ice-making machines, grocery from one compact module. and programming as easy as one touch of a button, the user-friendly store mist systems and more. And theres a good reason: IDEC When you need a product you can rely on, is easy to use, SmartRelay is the perfect solution. SmartRelays meet all safety requirements, while at the same and meets safety standards, look no further than IDEC. Our Why wait Replace your complicated system of relays, timers and time saving you time and money. SmartRelays meet all industry standard approvals including counters with just one IDEC SmartRelay Its safe to say we all want to Now our new fourth-generation SmartRelays include new cULus, CE, C-tick and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). Plus reduce workloads while saving money, and with IDEC SmartRelays its advanced feaures that offer even more versatility and they are FM approved for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous locations. easy. These all-in-one controllers require less space in your control functions With new features including: an analog output The bottom line is IDEC SmartRelays provide the right solution cabinet. And as you know, space in your panel is money in your pocket. module, 3 new function block types, upgraded software and for all your control needs Combine that with low maintenance and youve got a cost-effective product you can count on for all your control operations Industrial Facility Systems Housing and Building Management Conveyor systems Lighting controls Elevator controls HVAC Liquid level controls Gate and door controls Motor, pump and valve controls Shutter and sun blind controls Water treatment and irrigation systems Water and sprinkler systems ) ) 0-T Unique Solutions Monitoring Systems Solar-electric systems Access controls Traf c light controls Alarm systems Ventilation systems on ships Parking lot control monitoring Extreme environmental conditions Your logic circuit can be accomplished ... by just installing this unit. 2 3 * New Advanced Features

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