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Touch Screen Controllers Capsense Express
Manufacturer: Infineon

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6562 - Global Stock

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Product Category
Touch Screen Controllers
Capacitive Touch Controller
Input Type
8 Button, 8 Capacitive Sensing
Interface Type
I2c, Gpo
Supply Voltage - Max
5.5 V
Supply Voltage - Min
1.71 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Mounting Style
Package / Case
QFN - 16
Cut Tape
Touch Screen Controllers
Operating Supply Voltage
1.71 v to 5.5 V
Output Current
85 mA
Hts Code
Product Type
Touch Screen Controllers
Factory Pack Quantity :
Data Converter Ics
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Please note that Cypress is an Infineon Technologies Company. The document following this cover page is marked as Cypress document as this is the company that originally developed the product. Please note that Infineon will continue to offer the product to new and existing customers as part of the Infineon product portfolio. Continuity of document content The fact that Infineon offers the following product as part of the Infineon product portfolio does not lead to any changes to this document. Future revisions will occur when appropriate, and any changes will be set out on the document history page. Continuity of ordering part numbers Infineon continues to support existing part numbers. Please continue to use the ordering part numbers listed in the datasheet for ordering. www.infineon.comCY8CMBR3002/CY8CMBR3102/ CY8CMBR3106S/CY8CMBR3108/ CY8CMBR3110/CY8CMBR3116 Datasheet CapSense Express Controllers with SmartSense Auto-tuning - 16 Buttons, 2 Sliders, Proximity Sensors CapSense Express Controllers with SmartSense Auto-tuning - 16 Buttons, 2 Sliders, Proximity Sensors General Description The CY8CMBR3xxx CapSense Express controllers enable advanced, yet easy-to-implement, capacitive touch sensing user interface solutions. This register-configurable family, which supports up to 16 capacitive sensing inputs, eliminates time-consuming firmware development. These controllers are ideal for implementing capacitive buttons, sliders, and proximity sensing solutions with minimal development-cycle times. The CY8CMBR3xxx family features an advanced analog sensing channel and the Capacitive Sigma Delta PLUS (CSD PLUS) sensing algorithm, which delivers a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of greater than 100:1 to ensure touch accuracy even in extremely noisy environments. These controllers are enabled with Cypresss SmartSense Auto-tuning algorithm, which compensates for manufacturing variations and dynamically monitors and maintains optimal sensor performance in all environmental conditions. In addition, SmartSense Auto-tuning enables a faster time-to-market by eliminating the time-consuming manual tuning efforts during development and production ramp-up. Advanced features, such as LED brightness control, proximity sensing, and system diagnostics, save development time. These controllers enable robust liquid-tolerant designs by eliminating false touches due to mist, water droplets, or streaming water. The CY8CMBR3xxx controllers are offered in a variety of small form factor industry-standard packages. The ecosystem for the CY8CMBR3xxx family includes development toolssoftware and hardwareto enable rapid user interface designs. For example, the EZ-Click Customizer tool is a simple graphical user interface software for configuring the device features 2 through the I C interface. This tool also supports CapSense data viewing to monitor system performance and support validation and debugging. Another tool, the Design Toolbox, simplifies circuit board layout by providing design guidelines and layout recommendations to optimize sensor size, trace lengths, and parasitic capacitance. To quickly evaluate the CY8CMBR3xxx family features, use the CY3280-MBR3 Evaluation Kit. Flanking Sensor Suppression (FSS) to eliminate false touch- Features es in closely spaced buttons Analog voltage output Register-configurable CapSense Express controller Attention line interrupt to the host to indicate any change in No firmware development required sensor status Patented CSD sensing algorithm High sensitivity (0.1 pF) System diagnostics to detect Overlay thickness of up to 15 mm for glass and 5 mm for Improper value of the modulating capacitor (CMOD) plastic Out of range sensor parasitic capacitance (C ) P Proximity solutions Sensor shorts Sensitivity up to 2 fF per count EZ-Click Customizer tool Best-in-class >100:1 SNR performance Simple GUI for device configuration Superior noise-immunity performance against conducted Data viewing and monitoring for CapSense buttons, sliders, and radiated noise and proximity sensors Ultra-low radiated emissions System diagnostics for rapid debug SmartSense Auto-tuning 2 I C slave Sets and maintains optimal sensor performance during Supports up to 400 kHz run time Wake-on-hardware address match Eliminates manual tuning during development and produc- No bus-stalling or clock-stretching during transactions tion Low-power 1.71-V to 5.5-V operation Low-power CapSense 2 Deep Sleep mode with wake-up on interrupt and I C address Average current consumption of 22 A per sensor at 120-ms detect refresh interval Industrial temperature range: 40 C to +85 C Wide parasitic capacitance (C ) range: 545 pF P Advanced user interface features Package options Liquid tolerance 8-pin SOIC (150 mil) User-configurable LED brightness for visual touch feedback 16-pin SOIC (150 mil) Up to eight high-sink current GPOs to drive LEDs 16-pin QFN (3 3 0.6 mm) 24-pin QFN (4 4 0.6 mm) Buzzer signal output for audible touch feedback Cypress Semiconductor Corporation 198 Champion Court San Jose, CA 95134-1709 408-943-2600 Document Number: 001-85330 Rev. *P Revised March 30, 2020

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