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EUC-050S210ST electronic component of Inventronics

Highly efficient, outdoor UL Certified, 50W LED driver.

Manufacturer: Inventronics
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The EUC-050S210ST is a 50W universal input constant current LED driver from Inventronics. It is a 2-in-1 driver with a maximum output current of 2100mA and a wide input voltage range of 90-305VAC. It has high efficiency up to 88% and Power Factor (PF) of > 0.9. This driver is also RoHS compliant and is IP67 rated for a dust and water-resistant enclosure. It is specifically designed for outdoor LED lighting applications and operates between -30°C~+50°C. The driver is equipped with various output protections such as over voltage, over temperature, and short circuit / open loop protection. It is also capable of dimming down to 0.1% with third party TRIAC dimmers. Additional features include cord grip mounting, remote control input option, and a 2-year warranty.