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Ist Innovative Sensor

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Ist Innovative Sensor
Product Category
Board Mount Temperature Sensors
Ist Innovative Sensor
Sensing Temperature Min
- 50 C
Sensing Temperature Max
+ 150 C
1 kOhms
Product Range
SMD Series
No SVHC (15 - Jun - 2015)
External Length / Height
3.2 mm
External Width
1.6 mm
Measuring Range
- 200C To + 200C
Operating Temperature Max
200 C
Operating Temperature Min
- 200 C
Resistance @ Ice Point
1000 Ohms
Sensor Terminals
Temperature Sensing Range
- 50 C to + 150 C
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Platinum Temperature Sensors 1/16 General Information In many industrial sectors and fields of research, temperature measurement is one of the most important parameters which determines product quality, security, and reliability. Temperature sensors are available in several types all of which have a unique performance characteristic. The performance capability of the various sensors are a result of the manufacturing process and component materials associated with their technologies and intended application. It is IST Charter to produce sensors that exceed the industry standard of temperature measurement with additional capability to directly replace older traditional methods and provide the maximum performance. To this end IST has concentrated its development and manufacturing on the process and materials of high-end thin-film temperature sensors. Additionally these processes, partially derived from the semiconductor industry allows IST to manufacture sensors in very small dimensions. Because of their low thermic mass thin-film temperature sensors exhibit a very short response time. IST core technology and processes results in thin-film sensors that combine the good features of traditional wire wound platinum sensors such as accuracy, long-term stability, repeatability, interchangeability and wide temperature range, with the advantages of mass-production, which contributes to their optimal price/performance ratio. Sensor Construction The temperature sensor consists of a photo-lithographically structured, high-purity platinum coating arranged in the shape of a meander. The platinum thin-film structures are laser trimmed to form resistive paths with very precisely defined basic value of the resistivity. The sensors are covered with a glass passivation layer to protect the sensor against mechanical and chemical damage. The bonded leadwires which are additionally covered with a drop of glass make electrical contacts to the resistive structure. Typical Features brief response time small dimensions excellent long-term stability resistant against vibration and temperature shocks low self-heating rate simple interchangeability excellent price/performance ratio Response Time The response time T is the time in seconds the sensors need to respond to 63% of the change in temperature. 0.63 The response time depends on the sensor dimensions, the termal contact resistance and the encloser medium. Long-Term Stability The change of ohmage after 1,000 hrs at maximum operating temperature until the 7W types amounts to less than 0.03%. Self Heating To measure the resistance an electric current has to flow through the element, which will generate heat energy resulting in errors of measurement. To minimize the error, the testing current should be kept low (approximately 2 1 mA for pt-100). Temperature error T = RI / E with E = self-heating coefficient in mW/K R = resistance in k , I = measuring current in mA Measurement current The amount of thermal transfer from the sensor in application determines how much measuring current can be applied. There is no bottom limit of the measurement current with platinum thin-film. The measurement current depend highly on the application in use. For sensors from 750C - 1000C (7W, 8W, 10W) the measurement current must limited at max. 1 mA. We recommend at: 100 : typ. 1 mA max. 5 mA 500 : typ. 0.5 mA max. 3 mA 1000 : typ. 0.3 mA max. 2 mA 2000 : typ. 0.2 mA max. 1 mA 10000 : typ. 0.1 mA max. 0.3 mA SMD 0805 + 1206 Platinum and Nickel Thin-Film Chip Sensor Product To meet the market requirements for increasingly more efficient and economical manufacturing processes, we have developed the SMD 1206 series. A platinum or nickel temperature sensor which is designed for use in markets with a high degree of automation in their production line. This thin-film sensor combines the excellent characteristics of platinum or nickel sensors such as accuracy, long-term stability and reproducibility with the advantages of large-scale production and an optimal price/performance ratio. Advantages Optimised for pick-and-place machines Cost-effective assembling Easy handling Platinum or Nickel thin film elements Lead-free (acc. RoHS) Technical Data Nominal resistance: 100 , 500 or 1000 Temperature range: -50C to +150C (1P, 2P) -50C to +250C (3P, 4P) Temperature coefficient: Pt: TCR = 3850ppm/K Ni: TCR = 6180ppm/K Dependence of Resistivity: DIN 60751 (Platinum) former DIN 43760 (Nickel 6180ppm/K) other resistivities on request Classes: Pt: DIN class A DIN class B 2x DIN class B Ni: DIN, DIN (IST cl. A) DIN 43760: 400mK (0C) 7mK/K (>0C) 28mK/K (<0C) Soldering connection: Contacts: 1P = Contacts tin coated (62Sn/36Pb/2Ag), LMP lead contained 2P = Contacts tin coated (96.5Sn/3Ag/0.5Cu), LMP lead free, RoHS conform 3P = Contacts tin coated (5Sn/93.5Pb/1.5Ag), HMP, RoHS conform 4P* = Contacts gold plated, solderable film *there is no ensurance for DIN class A, due to the changed resistance value after soldering. *bondable contacts without bumps available on request. Solderability: 235C 8s (DIN IEC 68 2-20, Ta Meth 1) Resistance to soldering heat: 260C 10x (DIN IEC 68 2-20, Ta Meth. 1A) Long-term stability: Pt: max. Drift = 0.04% after 1000h at 130C Ni: max. Drift = 0.1% after 1000 h at 130C Response time: Water (0.4m/s): T = 0.25s (1206) T = 0.2s (0805) 0.63 0.63 Air (1m/s): T = 5.0s (1206) T = 4.0s (0805) 0.63 0.63 The response time refers to the chip, unspoilt Measuring current: 0.5mA (100 ) 0.4mA (500 ) 0.3mA (1000 ) Self heating: Water mW/C : 40 (1206, 0805) Air mW/C : 4 (1206, 0805) Dimensions: Pt: 0805 (2.0 x 1.2mm) 1206 (3.2 x 1.6mm) Ni: 1206 (3.2 x 1.6mm) Other Nominal resistances and tolerances on request. All rights reserved. The material contained herein may not be reproduced, adapted, merged, translated, stored, or used without the prior V2.0-07/2005 written consent of the copyright owner. Typing errors and mistakes reserved. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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