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SMD Crystal Resonators 12MHz ±10ppm SMD-3225_4P RoHS

Manufacturer: JGHC
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Product Category
Load Capacitance
10 pF
12 MHz
SMD - 3225 4P
Crystal Type
Passive SMD Crystal
Frequency Tolerance
Esr Equivalent Series Resistance
100 Ohms
Operating Temperature
- 10 C ~ + 70 C
Equivalent Series Resistance Esr
80 Ohms
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www. 0755cr yst al. com Ext er nal dim ensions:3. 2 x 2. 5 x 0. 7m m. . Fr equency r ange: 8MHz ~ 60MHz. Sur f ace m ount t ype cr yst al unit s. A gr eat num ber of st andard f requencies. Hig h f requency pullabil it y and low equivalent ser ies r esist ance. Hig hly m ass pr oduction capabilit y. Applicat ions: PC, STB, LCDM and Cable Modem . Ele c t r i ca l Spe c i f i cat i o n s Item / Type 3225 F requenc y Range 8 ~ 60 MHz F re q u e n c y T o l e ra n c e (a t 2 5 ) 20 ppm, o r specify Frequency Stabil ity Over Operat ing Temperature Range 20 ppm, o r specify Operati ng Temperature Range - 2 0 ~ + 7 0 , o r s p e c i fy S h u n t C a p a c it a n c e (C 0 ) 7 pF Max. D ri v e L e v e l 1 ~ 5 0 0 u W (5 0 u W t y pi c a l) L o a d C a p a c it a n c e S eri es, 9 pF 12 pF 16 pF , 18 pF , 20 pF , 22 pF , or s peci f y Aging (at 25 ) 3 p p m / y e a r Ma x . S t o ra g e T e mp e ra t u re R a n g e - 40 ~ + 85 Equ i v a le n t Se r i e s R e s i s t an ce Item / Type 3225 8 MHz 500 Max 50 ~ 60 MHz 30 Max. 12 ~ 14 MHz 80 Max 14 ~ 20 MHz 60 Max 20 ~ 24 MHz 50 Max. 24 ~ 50 MHz 40 Max. DimensionsX-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Crystals category: Click to view products by JGHC manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : CS325S24000000ABJT 718-13.2-1 MC405 32.0000K-R3:PURE SN FC-135R 32.7680KF-A3 7A-40.000MAAE-T 7B-27.000MBBK-T FL2000085 9B-15.360MBBK-B 9C-7.680MBBK-T ASH7K-32.768KHZ AT-41.600MAGQ-T BTD1062E05A-513 LFXTAL066198Cutt 9C-14.31818MBBK-T FA-238 50.0000MB30X-K3 FC-12M 32.7680KA-AC3 SSPT7F-9PF20-R FX325BS-38.88EEM1201 LFXTAL065253Cutt LFXTAL066431Cutt XT9S20ANA14M7456 XT9SNLANA16M 646G-24-2 7A-24.576MBBK-T 7B-30.000MBBK-T WX26-32.768K-6PF 9B-14.31818MBBK-B CD1AM 7B-25.000MAAE-T 7A-14.31818MBBK-T 6504-202-1501 6526-202-1501 FA-118T 27.1200MB50P-K0 FC-135R 32.7680KA-A3 ABM12-104-37.400MHZT ABLS-10.000MHZ-D3W-T BTJ112E01E-513 BTJ722K01C-7067 BTL-20-513 TSX-3225 24.0000MF15X-AC TSX-3225 16.0000MF18X-AC BTJ120E02C BTL-12-513 7A-10.000MBBK-T 7A- 11.0592MBBK-T ABM12-103-24.000MHZT CS325S25000000ABJT ABM3B-25.000MHZ-B2-X-T FC-135 32.7680KA-A5 FX0800015

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