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BXC-10566 electronic component of JKL

EL/CCFL Inverters & Accessories

Manufacturer: JKL
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EL/CCFL Inverters & Accessories
Jkl Components
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t----------------161.0-----------..-l ---6.00 ~I TOP VIEW SIDE VIEW ~ II BOTTOM VIEW PIN WIRE TYPE AWG COLOR 1 UL 3613 24 WHITE 2 NC JKL PART NO.: BXC10566 3 UL 3613 24 WHITE DIMENSIONS ARE J IN MILLIMETERS KL NOTES: TOLERANCEUNLES. COMPONENTS CORPORATION OTHERWISE SPECIFIED r.T : IT: - LE:-----------------.:..-~ 1. HOUSING IL-G-3S-S3C2 (JAE) 1 PL+I- 4.0 THIRD ANGLE 2 PL+I- 0.50 2. CONTACT IL-G-C2SC-10000 (JAE) PROJECTION o 3. RoHS COMPLIANCE BXC-10566 (CONTACT JKL FOR RoHS IDENTIFICATION) CAD DRAWING SCALE RELEASED REVISION MANUAL REVISIONS NOTPERMITIED NONE DATE 1/9/03 DATE X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for EL/CCFL Inverters & Accessories category: Click to view products by JKL manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : HVI-5P BXC-10546 CXA-0454 BXA-12529 BXA-601 HVI-5E BXA-24529 BXA-12563/KIT HBL-0334 CXA-0326 CXA-0441 CXA- 2115 CXA-L0524-NJL CXA-P1212A-WJL CXA-P1212-VJL CXA-P1612-VJL

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8531.20.00 32 .. - Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) Free
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