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030174 250G

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Resistance wire; 0.764Ω/m; -100÷1300°C; Øout: 1.5mm; FeCrAl; 17SWG
Manufacturer: Kanthal

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030174 250G

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Specialised Cables
Wire Gauge - AWG
Specialised Cables
Package Contents
Outside Diameter
1.5 mm
Kind Of Wire
Kind Of Core
Type Of Wire
resistance wire
Length In Roll
19.5 m
Wire Resistance
0.764 Ohms /m
Operating Temperature
- 100 To 1300 C
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Resistance heating wire KANTHAL D 1,50mm Mass : 250g We offer a soft resistance heating wire from a renowned Swedish manufacturer. Offered wire has a diameter of 1,50 mm. Due to its outstanding performance, it is an excellent choice for any professional who relies on perfect quality, reliability and convenience of use. This flexible, well-laying, weather-resistant and convenient product is ideal for even the most advanced production projects and any assembly, service or hobby work. Wire technical parameters: Nominal diameter of the resistance wire 1,50mm 2 Nominal cross-section of the resistance wire 1,80mm Wire cross-section in SWG SWG 17 Manufacturer part number KANTHAL MPN KANTHAL-D-1.50/250 Manufacturer code product number 030174 Resistance heating wire base material FeCrAl alloy o Wire resistance at T = 20 C 0,764 /m 2 Heating surface of the wire 47,1 cm /m Approximated net. weight of the wire 12,8 g/m Minimum tensile strength of the wire 670 MPa Minimum wire elongation at break 23 % Resistance to friction, vibration, oscillation YES Corrosion resistance YES Resistance to current overload YES Resistance to thermal shocks, embers YES Resistance to flame spreading YES Product is incombustible Authorized to have a contact with food YES Product is non-toxic Method of electrical assembly of wires Crimping, Soldering, Twisting o o Operating temperature of wire -100 C +1300 C o Minimal temperature of wire melting +1500 C Quantity of product in packaging net. weight 250 grams Approximate length of wire in packaging 19,5 meters Packaging Evenly rolled onto polypropylene spool Material and dimensions of packaging - spool Polypropylene = 50mm / H = 42mm Way of securing the packaging Thermo-shrinkable POF film cover We maintain large stock, we guarantee constant availability in the warehouse of all items, and provide immediate shipping Our KANTHAL D soft resistance heating wires not only guarantee the highest global product quality and the latest pro-environmental technologies, but also provide convenience and savings coming from reliability. This type of heating resistance wire has one of the highest thermal indexes D, which guarantees a operating temperature from -100C to +1300C. Their uniform design, Swedish quality and precise workmanship ensure a constant diameter, unchanged along the entire length, exceptional flexibility, overload resistance and excellent thermal, resistive and mechanical stability. These wires are extremely durable and perfectly form to the shape specified by the customer s needs. This product is available in 11 of the most popular diameters from 0.30mm / SWG 31 to 1.50mm / SWG 17. The wires are made of KANTHAL s patented FeCrAl alloy, made of the highest purity components, which guarantees the constancy of the ferritic structure for each alloy batch and their excellent and time-constant electrical parameters. By having a homogeneous, smooth coating and therefore a very low friction coefficient of the wire surface, they have excellent mechanical abrasion resistance, are extremely resistant to vibration and oscillation and are resistant to all kinds of current or thermal overloads. Each wire diameter has a strict rated resistance per meter, which greatly facilitates design and execution of systems. These wires, due to their excellent quality and durability, are recommended for industrial applications with the coercion of continuous operation. They are dedicated to all applications that place very strict strength requirements, and in particular for performing all kinds of heating elements for sealers, extruders, injection molding machines, packaging machines, shrink blowers for heat shrink sleeves, furnaces, heaters, heating equipment, soldering lines, soldering irons, crucibles, heaters, heat guns, dryers, polystyrene cutting and forming equipment, de-icing equipment and installations, irons, kitchens, ceramic heating plates, mangles , e-cigarettes and many others. The constant resistance parameter allows them to be used in making high- power precision wire resistors, specialized potentiometers and shunts or series regulators, and replacement loads for use in all kinds of professional electronic devices or measurement and laboratory technology. A very wide thermal range allows their use in the course of any research, prototype or laboratory work, in cold and heating chambers and all equipment operating at extremely variable temperatures, and for any service and hobby work. Heating resistance wires are available in packs containing 100 grams or 250 grams of product. They are evenly and consistently wound onto comfortable and fully recyclable plastic spools, with a diameter of = 50mm with an internal guide hole = 20mm and packed in a sealed cover made of transparent shrink film, which allows recipent to quickly find the wire needed for installation on the shelf of the warehouse, protects against oxidation and patina, dust or getting dirty during storage and always guarantees the final recipient the highest quality when removed from the packaging. Wire parameters meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001, are authorized for use on EU markets (standard 73/23/EEC) and CE marked (Directive 2006/95/EC) and comply with the requirements of the RoHS Environmental Directives (Act 2002/95/EU ), RoHS-2 (Law 2011/65/EU), RoHS-3 (Act 2015/863) and comply with REACH requirements (Regulation 1907/2006). At each request of the Recipient, we issue a certificate of conformity free of charge.

Tariff Desc

8544.49.19 TC 614486 single core, rated at 50V and 120A maximum

8544.42.11 3 Goods, as follows: Free
a] compensation or extension leads for thermo-couples
b] of a kind used for telecommunications

8504.50.10 Goods, as follows: Free
a] designed for use with equipment of 8471
b] for telecommunication apparatus of 8517

8544.49.20 TC 1718538 COMPUTER DATA, having ALL of the following:
a] copper wire conductors
b] multiple layered insulation covering
c] conductor resistance NOT greater than 55ohm/km


8544.20.00 TC 104967 COAXIAL, without connectors, having ANY of the following dielectric
a] polytetrafluoroethylene
b] air
c] polyethylene foam
d] polyethylene

8544.2 TC 8439820 coaxial, having a polytetrafluoroethylene dielectric

8544.42.29 CABLES, COMPUTER, being ANY of the following
a] flat ribbon
b] audio
c] video
d] serial interface
e] LED strip
f] data
g] local area network
h] internal drive
i] switch jumper
j] modulator/demodulator MODEM
k] planar to modulator/demodulator MODEM
l] signal
TC 061449

8544.70.00 22 Optical fibre cables Free Fitted with connectors

8544.42.29 TC 933265 POWER CABLES, COMPUTER, having ALL of the following:
a] three core cable
b] fitted on one end with a moulded three pin plug
c] NOT less than 240V

8544.49.20 TC 614480 WIRE AND CABLE, ELECTRICAL, INSULATED, having ALL of the following:
a] jacket of compolymer of ethylene and tetrafluorethylene ETFE
b] surface printed with letters, numbers, stripes or combinations for circuit identification

8533.39.00 RESISTANCE WIRE Free

8544.42.19 TC 1231245 AUDIO VIDEO, having high-definition multimedia interface HDMI connectors OR digital video interface connectors

8544.42.19 TC 614510 maximum length 10m, having ANY of the following end connections:
a] RCA plugs or sockets
b] mono plugs
c] stereo plugs or sockets
d] DIN plugs
e] plugs with twin wire ends