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Y5V222M1KV16CC0035 electronic component of KNSCHA

±20% 2.2nF SL 5mm 1kV Radial Leaded,P=5mm Ceramic Disc Capacitors ROHS

Manufacturer: KNSCHA
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Product Category
Ceramic Disc Capacitors
2.2 nF
± 20 %
Lead Spacing
Ceramic Disc Capacitors
Body Thickness
Temperature Coefficient
Voltage Rated
1 kV
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The Y5V222M1KV16CC0035 is a 2.2nF ceramic disc capacitor manufactured by KNSCHA with ±20% tolerance and radial leaded packaging. It is a 5mm pitch (P=5mm) and rated for 1kV. It is compliant with the European Union's ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive.

Tariff Desc

8532.24.00 43 no --Ceramic dielectric, multilayer Free