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49S-14.7456-20-20-20/A electronic component of Liming

DIP Crystal Resonators 14.7456MHz ±20ppm Through Hole,P=4.88mm RoHS

Manufacturer: Liming
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Product Category
Load Capacitance
20 pF
14.7456 MHz
Frequency Stability
± 20ppm
THROUGH HOLE , P=4.88 mm
Brand Category
Crystal Type
49S Crystals
Frequency Tolerance
Equivalent Series Resistance Esr
Operating Temperature
- 20 C ~ + 70 C
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ElectronicsThe 49S-14.7456-20-20-20/A is a 14.7456MHz ±20ppm through-hole crystal resonator manufactured by Liming Electronics. The device has a 20-pin DIP configuration and features a P=4.88mm body size, making it suitable for mounting on a standard 0.1" (2.54mm) grid pattern. The crystals are RoHS compliant and are suitable for use in frequency control applications such as oscillators, filters, and timing circuits.

Tariff Desc

8541.60.00 25 No - Mounted piezo-electric crystals Free