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D85866-000 electronic component of Littelfuse

Littelfuse .5 AMP 63V FAST ACTING

Manufacturer: Littelfuse
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Product Category
Surface Mount Fuses
chip fuse
Fuse Type
fast blow
Current Rating
500ma500 mA
Voltage Rating DC
63v63 V
Surface Mount Fuses
Brand Category
Nominal Cold Resistance
730 mohms730 mOhms
Breaking Capacity @ Rated Voltage
Melting I T
Operating Temperature
- 55°c ~ 125°c - 55 C ~ 125 C
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The D85866-000 with Littelfuse .5 AMP 63V FAST ACTING manufactured by Littelfuse is a fast-acting fuse with a nominal voltage rating of 63V. It has a current rating of .5 amps and can be used for protecting electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits. It is designed for use with IEC standard fuse-holders and is UL Recognized. It features a two-piece construction, with an outer body made of polyester and a frame made from zinc-coated steel, and a silver-plated, nickel-cadmium contact. This fuse is designed for indoor use only and is suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial, home, and automotive. It is designed to meet UL 248-14 and CSA C22.2 No. 248-14 standards.

Tariff Desc

8536.10 FUSES AND FUSE HOLDERS, subminiature, plug in or pigtail type known as picofuses or microfuses, dimensions NOT exceeding 6mm x 18mm TC 8530773

8536.1 TC 8734467 FUSE LINKS, having ALL of the following:
(a) dimensions NOT exceeding 6.35mm x 32.0mm
(b) current rating NOT exceeding 50A
(c) voltage rating NOT exceeding 250V
Hamlin Littelfuse
Hamlin / Littelfuse
Hamlin Inc
Hartland Controls / Littelfuse
Littelfuse Teccor Sidactor Product
Littelfuse Wickmann Brand
Littelfuse / US Sensor
Littelfuse Inc
Littelfuse Inc.
Little Fuse / Wickmann
SSAC Relays
TE Connectivity / Circuit Protection