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Supervisor Integrated Circuit; battery charger controller
Manufacturer: Microchip

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Product Category
Battery Management
Output Voltage
4.2 V
Output Current
1.1 A
Number Of Rechargeable Batteries
1xli - ion / li - po
Kind Of Integrated Circuit
Battery Charger Controller
Type Of Integrated Circuit
Supervisor Integrated Circuit
Output Voltage Tolerance
0.5 %
Supply Voltage
4 To 16 VDC
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MCP73113/4 Single-Cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charge Management Controller with Input Overvoltage Protection Features: Description: Complete Linear Charge Management Controller: The MCP73113/4 are highly integrated Li-Ion battery charge management controllers for use in - Integrated Input Overvoltage Protection space-limited and cost-sensitive applications. The - Integrated Pass Transistor MCP73113/4 devices provide specific charge - Integrated Current Sense algorithms for Li-Ion/Li-Polymer batteries to achieve - Integrated Reverse Discharge Protection optimal capacity and safety in the shortest charging Constant Current/Constant Voltage Operation time possible. Along with their small physical size, the with Thermal Regulation low number of external components make the MCP73113/4 ideally suitable for portable applications. 4.15V Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) The absolute maximum voltage, up to 18V, allows the 18V Absolute Maximum Input with OVP: use of MCP73113/4 in harsh environments, such as - 6.5V (MCP73113) low cost wall wart or voltage spikes from plug/unplug. - 5.8V (MCP73114) The MCP73113/4 devices employ a constant current/ High Accuracy Preset Voltage Regulation Through constant voltage charge algorithm. The various Full Temperature Range (-5C to +55C): +0.5% charging voltage regulations provide design engineers Battery Charge Voltage Options: flexibility to use in different applications. The fast charge, constant current value is set with one external - 4.10V, 4.20V, 4.35V or 4.4V resistor from 130 mA to 1100 mA. The MCP73113/4 Resistor Programmable Fast Charge Current: devices limit the charge current based on die - 130 mA-1100 mA temperature during high power or high ambient Preconditioning of Deeply Depleted Cells: conditions. This thermal regulation optimizes the - Available Options: 10% or Disable charge cycle time while maintaining device reliability. Integrated Precondition Timer: The PROG pin of the MCP73113/4 also serves as - 32 Minutes or Disable enable pin. When high-impedance is applied, the Automatic End-of-Charge Control: MCP73113/4 will be in Standby mode. - Selectable Minimum Current Ratio: The MCP73113/4 devices are fully specified over the 5%, 7.5%, 10% or 20% ambient temperature range of -40C to +85C. They are available in a 10-lead, DFN package. - Elapse Safety Timer: 4 HR, 6 HR, 8 HR or Disable Package Types (Top View) Automatic Recharge: - Available Options: 95% or Disable MCP73113/4 Charge Status Output-Two Style Options 3x3 DFN * Soft Start V 1 10 PROG DD Temperature Range: -40C to +85C Packaging: DFN-10 (3 mm x 3 mm) V 2 9 V DD SS EP V 3 8 V BAT SS 11 Applications: V 4 7 STAT BAT NC NC 5 6 Low-Cost Li-Ion/Li-Poly. Battery Chargers MP3 Players * Includes Exposed Thermal Pad (EP) see Table 3-1. Digital Still Camera Portable Media Players Handheld Devices Bluetooth Headsets USB Chargers 2009-2013 Microchip Technology Inc. DS20002183E-page 1MCP73113/4 Typical Application MCP73113/4 Typical Application 1 3 V V DD AC-DC Adapter BAT 2 4 C V V BAT OUT DD + C IN R LED 7 10 1-Cell STAT PROG Li-Ion Battery 5 9 R NC V PROG SS 6 8 NC V SS TABLE 1: AVAILABLE FACTORY PRESET OPTIONS End-of- Charge Preconditioning Preconditioning Precondition Elapse Automatic Output OVP Charge Voltage Charge Current Threshold Timer Timer Recharge Status Control 4.10V 5.8V/6.5V Disable/10% 66.5%/71.5% Disable/ Disable/4 HR/ 5%/7.5%/ No/Yes Type 1/ 32 Minimum 6 HR/8 HR 10%/20% Type 2 4.20V 5.8V/6.5V Disable/10% 66.5%/71.5% Disable/ Disable/4 HR/ 5%/7.5%/ No/Yes Type 1/ 32 Minimum 6 HR/8 HR 10%/20% Type 2 4.35V 5.8V/6.5V Disable/10% 66.5%/71.5% Disable/ Disable/4 HR/ 5%/7.5%/ No/Yes Type 1/ 32 Minimum 6 HR/8 HR 10%/20% Type 2 4.40V 5.8V/6.5V Disable/10% 66.5%/71.5% Disable/ Disable/4 HR/ 5%/7.5%/ No/Yes Type 1/ 32 Minimum 6 HR/8 HR 10%/20% Type 2 Note 1: I : Regulated fast charge current REG 2: V : Regulated charge voltage REG 3: I /I : Preconditioning charge current ratio of regulated fast charge current PREG REG 4: I /I : End-of-Charge control ratio of regulated fast charge current TERM REG 5: MCP73113: V = 6.5V, MCP73114: V = 5.8V OVP OVP 6: V /V : Recharge threshold ratio of regulated battery voltage, 0% or 95%. 0% = Disabled RTH REG 7: V /V : Preconditioning threshold voltage PTH REG 8: Output Status: Type 1 Fault Output Status = High Z, Type 2 Fault Output Status = Flashing TABLE 2: STANDARD SAMPLE OPTIONS Part V OVP I /I Precharge Elapsed I /I Auto Recharge V /V Output REG PREG REG TERM REG PTH REG Number Timer Timer Threshold Status (0%=Disabled) MCP73113-16S/MF 4.10V 6.5V 10% 32 Min. 6 HR 10% 95% 71.5% Type 1 MCP73113-06S/MF 4.20V 6.5V 10% 32 Min. 6 HR 10% 95% 71.5% Type 1 MCP73114-0NS/MF 4.20V 5.8V 10% 32 Min. 6 HR 10% 95% 71.5% Type 1 Note 1: Customers should contact their distributor, representatives or field application engineer (FAE) for support and samples. Local sales offices are also available to help customers. A listing of sales offices and locations is included in the back of this document. Technical support is available through the web site at: http// DS20002183E-page 2 2009-2013 Microchip Technology Inc.

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