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Gate Drivers Universal Source Driver

Manufacturer: Nisshinbo
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Product Category
Gate Drivers
Number of Drivers
1 Driver
Rise Time
600 ns
Fall Time
200 ns
Supply Voltage - Min
4.75 V
Number of Outputs
Mounting Style
Through Hole
Package / Case
TO - 220 - 5
Universal Sink Driver
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 100 C
Supply Current
4 mA
Maximum Power Dissipation
11000 mW
Factory Pack Quantity :
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NJM3548 UNIVERSAL SOURCE DRIVER n GENERAL DESCRIPTION n PACKAGE OUTLINE NJM3548 is a bipolar universal high-current highly protected high side driver with transparent input and 2000mA continuous -current source capability. A low-level input activates the output. The driver is equipped with extensive electrical protection, such as over current protection and thermal protection, which makes the device virtually indestructible. Furthermore it can detect open circuit and short circuit to V . CC A special feature is the Error indicating output function pin NJM3548TA2 which signals to the host system if the protection or the load check functions is activated. Typical loads are solenoids, relays or resistive loads. The NJM3548 and NJM3545 are complementary drivers and have similar data. n FEATURES 2000mA continuous-output current Short circuit to ground protection Error signal to host system Open circuit detection Short circuit to V detection CC Thermal protection Built-in protection diodes Package TO-220 (5-pin) n BLOCK DIAGRAM NJM3548 To logic Voltage reference V cc Input Thermal protection Short-circuit to Q S GND protection Output R h Short-circuit to V detection Error cc Open circuit detection GND Figure 1. Block DiagramNJM3548 n PIN CONFIGURATION 5 Output 4 Supply 3 GND 2 Input 1 Error Figure 2. Pin Configuration n PIN DESCRIPTION TO-220 Symbol Description 1 Error Error indicating pin. Sinks current to ground if the protection and/or detection circuitry is activated. Note: the current must be externally limited to 8 mA. 2 Input TTL compatible input. A HIGH input signal turns the output transistor off and a LOW input turns it on. If the input is left open it will be detected as high level. 3 GND Ground supply. 4 Supply Supply voltage. Nominally 5 V to 40 V. 5 Output Output pin. Current flows out from this pin through the load to GND. Nominal current is 8 mA to 2 A. NJM3548 Active Output NJM3548 Output Voltage Output Voltage Inactive Output V CC Short Circuit to V Error CC 100% V CC V - 0.5 V CC Undefined Area V - 1.3 V CC Normal Short Circuit to V Error Operation CC V - 3.0 V CC 50% V CC Undefined Area Undefined AreaUndefined Area 30% V CC V - 4.5 V CC Output Overload or Short Circuit to GND Error Current I Normal Operation I OMin OS (min 2 mA, max 8 mA) (min 2 A, max 4.5 A) Figure 3. Error state vs. output voltage and output current, active output Figure 4. Error state vs. output (0V V 0.8 V, 5 V < V < 40 V and -40 C <+T >+100 C) voltage, inactive output (2.0 V V IN CC J IN V , 5 V V 40 V and -40 C CC CC <T <+100 C) J NJM 3548TA2 Open Circuit Undefined Area Undefined Area Short Circuit Protection

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8542.39.23 No ..Linear/analogue and peripheral integrated circuits, timers, voltage regulators, A/D and D/A converters, telecommunication and modem integrated circuits, other than board level products Free

Electronic integrated circuits- Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
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