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Video ICs Hybrid silicon tuner

Manufacturer: NXP
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TDA18275 Hybrid (analog and digital) silicon tuner for terrestrial and cable TV reception Rev. 2 14 October 2013 Product short data sheet 1. General description The TDA18275 is a high performance silicon tuner designed for terrestrial and cable TV reception for both analog and digital broadcasts. The TDA18275 supports all analog and digital TV standards and delivers a Low IF (LIF) signal to a demodulator for analog TV and/or a channel demodulator for digital TV. The TDA18275 facilitates TV design by: Allowing on-board integration Drastically reducing the tuner Bill Of Material (BOM) Providing flexibility in system solution development 2. Features and benefits Single 3.3 V supply voltage Worldwide multistandard terrestrial and cable capabilities Alignment free RoHS compliant 2 I C-bus interface compatible with 3.3 V microcontrollers Fully integrated oscillators Fully integrated RF selectivity (no need for RF tracking filters coils) 2 programmable General-Purpose Outputs (GPO) Dual IF output ports 1.7 MHz, 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz and 10 MHz channel bandwidths LIF channel center frequency output ranging from 0.8 MHz to 7.5 MHz Fully integrated IF selectivity eliminating the need for external SAW filters Large flexibility in the IF filtering stage to ease the matching with various demodulators circuits Single-ended RF input, no need for external balun Excellent return loss compatible with cable requirements Power Level Detector (PLD) embedded Integrated gain control Self-AGC synchronization mode (VSync) for analog reception Very fast tuning time Strong immunity to LTE interferers in the digital dividend bandwidth Strong immunity to WLAN interferers (802.11 a/b/g/n)TDA18275 NXP Semiconductors Hybrid silicon tuner for terrestrial and cable TV reception 3. Quick reference data Table 1. Quick reference data Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit f RF frequency full range of RF input 42 - 1002 MHz RF NF tuner noise figure 75 impedance source -3.3 3.8 dB tun maximum gain RF < 870 MHz 75 impedance source -3.9 4.5 dB maximum gain 870 MHz RF 1002 MHz phase jitter integrated from 250 Hz to - 0.4 0.6 degree jit 4MHz image rejection worst case, measured at -65 - dB image 4 MHz IF frequency and for image levels above 60 dBV 1 CSO composite worst interferer over RF - 70 65 dBc second-order distortion frequency with respect to wanted carrier CTB composite triple beat - 70 65 dBc ICP 1 dB input at the tuner input and 120 - - dB V 1dB compression point minimum gain 1 Test scenario: standard NTSC M/N. 4. Ordering information Table 2. Ordering information Type number Package Name Description Version TDA18275HN/C1 HVQFN32 plastic thermal enhanced very thin quad flat SOT617-11 package no leads 32 terminals body 5 5 0.85 mm TDA18275 SDS All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers. NXP B.V. 2013. All rights reserved. Product short data sheet Rev. 2 14 October 2013 2 of 8

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