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R7A-CPB001S electronic component of Omron

Specialized Cables 1m Universal co ntrol cable R7

Manufacturer: Omron
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R7D-BP , R88D-GP08H SmartStep 2 servo drive Another step forward in drive simplicity On-line Auto-tuning and Easy set up Ultra-compact size. The footprint is only 48% that of the SmartStep series Two torque limits Electronic gear, four internal speed settings and wide range of pulse settings Adaptive filters for suppresion of vibration and resonance Configuration and commissioning using CX Drive- software Ratings 230 VAC single-phase 50 W to 750 W (0.16 to 2.4 Nm) System configuration (Refer to G-Series servomotors chapter) Personal computer SmartStep 2 G-Series software: CX-One servo drive servo motor Encoder cable Position control unit Position control Power cable unit Brake cable Connector terminal block General purpose controller (with pulse output) SmartStep 2 servo drive 117 AC Servo systemsServo motor / servo drive combination Servo motor SmartStep2 servo drive Family Voltage Speed Rated torque Capacity Model -1 Cylindric 50 -750 W 230 V 3000 min 0.16 Nm 50 W R88M-G05030H- S2 R7D-BP01H 0.32 Nm 100 W R88M-G10030H- S2 R7D-BP01H 0.64 Nm 200 W R88M-G20030H- S2 R7D-BP02HH 1.3 Nm 400 W R88M-G40030H- S2 R7D-BP04H 2.4 Nm 750 W R88M-G75030H- S2 R88D-GP08H Flat 100-400 W 0.32 Nm 100 W R88M-GP10030H- S2 R7D-BP01H 0.64 Nm 200 W R88M-GP20030H- S2 R7D-BP02HH 1.3 Nm 400 W R88M-GP40030H- S2 R7D-BP04H Servo drive type designation R7D-BP01H SmartStep 2 Servo Drive Drive Type Source voltage P: Pulse input control H: Single-phase 230 VAC for 100/400 W HH: Single-phase Capacity 230 VAC for 200 W 01 100 W 02 200 W 04 400 W R88D-GP08H SmartStep 2 Servo Drive (750 W) Drive Type Source voltage P: Pulse input control H: 230 V Capacity 08 750 W 118 AC servo systems

Tariff Desc

8544.49.19 TC 614486 single core, rated at 50V and 120A maximum

8544.42.11 3 Goods, as follows: Free
a] compensation or extension leads for thermo-couples
b] of a kind used for telecommunications

8504.50.10 Goods, as follows: Free
a] designed for use with equipment of 8471
b] for telecommunication apparatus of 8517

8544.49.20 TC 1718538 COMPUTER DATA, having ALL of the following:
a] copper wire conductors
b] multiple layered insulation covering
c] conductor resistance NOT greater than 55ohm/km


8544.20.00 TC 104967 COAXIAL, without connectors, having ANY of the following dielectric
a] polytetrafluoroethylene
b] air
c] polyethylene foam
d] polyethylene

8544.2 TC 8439820 coaxial, having a polytetrafluoroethylene dielectric

8544.42.29 CABLES, COMPUTER, being ANY of the following
a] flat ribbon
b] audio
c] video
d] serial interface
e] LED strip
f] data
g] local area network
h] internal drive
i] switch jumper
j] modulator/demodulator MODEM
k] planar to modulator/demodulator MODEM
l] signal
TC 061449

8544.70.00 22 Optical fibre cables Free Fitted with connectors

8544.42.29 TC 933265 POWER CABLES, COMPUTER, having ALL of the following:
a] three core cable
b] fitted on one end with a moulded three pin plug
c] NOT less than 240V

8544.49.20 TC 614480 WIRE AND CABLE, ELECTRICAL, INSULATED, having ALL of the following:
a] jacket of compolymer of ethylene and tetrafluorethylene ETFE
b] surface printed with letters, numbers, stripes or combinations for circuit identification

8533.39.00 RESISTANCE WIRE Free

8544.42.19 TC 1231245 AUDIO VIDEO, having high-definition multimedia interface HDMI connectors OR digital video interface connectors

8544.42.19 TC 614510 maximum length 10m, having ANY of the following end connections:
a] RCA plugs or sockets
b] mono plugs
c] stereo plugs or sockets
d] DIN plugs
e] plugs with twin wire ends
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