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HBN1-T electronic component of Panduit

Cable Mounting & Accessories Harness Board Nail STD 1.0"

Manufacturer: Panduit
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Product Category
Cable Mounting & Accessories
Nickel Plated Shell
Mounting Method
Hammered Into Harness Board
1 in
Product Type
Cable Mounts
Factory Pack Quantity :
Harness Board Nails
Hts Code
Wire Protection & Management
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Product Bulletin Quick-Build Harness Board System A Revolutionary Modular Solution for Harness Manufacturers The modular, reusable solution consists of 1 X 1 (305mm x 305mm) grid tiles and specially designed, repositionable accessories that improve the productivity of wire harness assembly builds by up to 18%. The Quick-Build Accessories are more effective than nail, magnetic, or snap-in routing fixture methods. Accessories easily twist and lock in place until youre ready to make a change for faster routing of wires and design flexibility. Low-Volume-High-Mix (LVHM) manufacturers achieve the greatest savings due to reduced material costs -- up to 65% of layout and board builds. By reducing the number of bulky plywood boards, the Quick-Build Harness Board System delivers more than 50% in storage space savings. Whether you need to build a variety of wire and cable assemblies to meet different customer specifications or for prototyping new harness designs, the more you build, the greater your profitability. Key Features Benefits Improve Productivity Modular Board Design Reusable boards make it easy to move from one harness configuration to another 1 x 1 (305mm x 305mm) Scalable Expand capacity as needed to accommodate various harness configurations Tiles Improve Profitability Improve storage efficiency and reduce costly square footage from storing plywood harness boards not in use Reduce labor needed to retrieve and store plywood harness boards Improve Productivity Patent-pending Locking mechanism is more effective than nails, magnetic or snap-in routing fixtures Hole Design accessories stay in place until youre ready to make a change Easily move accessories from one hole to another to optimize harness layout Improve Profitability Faster setup time as compared to the hammer and nail method Reduce repetitive work and improve safety from use of hammer and nails Improve Productivity Reusable Accessories Reusable and repositionable accessories are designed to be rotated easily to accommodate cable routing pathway Complementary Offering Mounting platforms and mounting pegs improve setup by allowing accessories to be To Traditional Harness easily changed to ensure consistent harness board designs and configurations Help to elevate harness routing above the board to allow efficient use of the Panduit Automatic Board Accessories Cable Tie Installation Tool as well as manually installing cable ties, labels, abrasion protection products, tape, etc. Improve Profitability Use with existing Panduit Harness Board Accessories to create a modular system Reduce expense of storing costly harness board accessories and test fixtures For more information, visit Quick-Build Harness Board System 4 11 10 10 3 8 5 7 6 2 2 2 2 2 9 1 Savings Add Up Quick-Build Harness Board savings can add up based on your unique variable information such as: Labor Cost/Hour Number of Board Variations / Harness Configurations Average Number of Changeovers for each Harness Annually 2

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