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Hot PLT4S-M electronic component of Panduit

Cable Ties LOCKING 14.5 NYL 6/6

Manufacturer: Panduit
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Product Category
Cable Ties
Product Type
Cable Ties & Mounts
Cable Ties
Nylon 6.6
Length - in
14.5 in
Width - in
0.189 in
Length - mm
368 mm
Width - mm
4.8 mm
Mounting Style
Tensile Strength
23 Kg
Hts Code
Maximum Bundle Diameter - In
4 in
Maximum Bundle Diameter - Mm
102 mm
Factory Pack Quantity :
Wire Protection & Management
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Cable Ties Product Selection GuideComprehensive Cable Tie Solutions Panduit offers a broad selection of industry approved styles, sizes, and materials to meet a full range of electrical, industrial, and networking applications. PLT Pan-Ty Cable Ties CBR Contour-Ty Cable Ties Most comprehensive product offering Low profile head, parallel-entry, outside teeth SG Super-Grip Cable Ties HV Hyper-V Cable Ties Withstand rough installations Teeth on both sides 2-wedge locking design BT Dome-Top Barb Ty Cable Ties SST Sta-Strap Cable Ties Metal locking barb infinite adjustability Two-piece design, low thread force, lightweight DT Dura-Ty Cable Ties ERT Elastomeric Cable Ties Acetal material 20+ years outdoor service life Flexible, elastic material, UL 94V-0, releasable Product Family PLT SG BT DT CBR HV SST ERT Locking P P P P P P P Releasable P P Marker P P P Clamp P P P Push Mount P P Specialty P P P Miniature P P P P P P Intermediate P P P P P Standard P P P P P Heavy-Standard P Light-Heavy P P P P P Heavy P P P P Extra-Heavy P P Cable Tie Industry Approvals Agency Spec/Approval Requirement Products UL (Underwriters UL 62275 (File E56854) Types 1, 11, 2, 2S, 21, 21S (Note 1) Select PLT, BT, SG, SST, and CBR Series Laboratory CSA (Canadian CSA-C22.2 No. 62275 (File 31212) Types 1, 11, 2, 2S, 21, 21S (Note 1) Select PLT, BT, SG, SST, and CBR Series Standards Association) ABS (American 05-HS463235-PDA 2005 Steel Vessel Rules PLT and BT Series Bureau of Shipping) 1-1-4/7.7,4-8-4/21.9.32001 MODU Rules 4-3-3/5.9.1 Bureau Veritas Cert 05968/C0, BV File Bureau Veritas Rules for the Classification of PLT, PRT, BT and CBR Series Steel Ships ACE 14/601/01 Product Code: 2535H Det Norske Veritas E-6405 Det Norske Veritas Rules for Classification of PLT, PLC, PLM, PRT, PLWP, PRWP and PRST Series Ships and Mobile Offshore Units Lloyds Register of 89/60111 (E3) Lloyds Register Type Approval PLT, PLC, PLP, PLWP, PLM, PRT, SST, SSC, SSM, BT, BC, Shipping BM, BF, B2M, B3M, BM, BW, BP, ILT and CBR Series Russian Maritime 11130200 Russian Maritime Type Approval Certificate PLT, PLC, PLM, PLF, SG, BT, BF, BM, BC, DT and CBR Series Register of Shipping NRC (Nuclear NRC 10CFR50 Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear All cable tie products Regulatory Commission) US Military QPL-AS23190 SAE spec AS23190 Select PLT, BT, SST, and CBR Series Aerospace Standard 2 Cross Sections Styles

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