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STP0500 electronic component of PRINTTEC

Securing strap for packaging; ESD; Application: JEDEC trays

Manufacturer: PRINTTEC
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Antistatic Control Products
Electrically Conductive Material
Antistatic Control Products
Features Of Antistatic Elements
Adjustable, With Velcro Closure
Antistatic Elements Application
Type Of Antistatic Accessories
Securing Strap For Packaging
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IndustriesThe STP0500 securing strap with ESD protection is a heavy-duty strapping solution designed to package and secure components of all sizes and shapes to their designated JEDEC trays, manufactured by PRINTTEC Industries. The heavy-duty straps are made of a special nylon blend that provides reliable and uniform tension when heat-sealed to ensure packages are securely fastened in transit. These ESD-protected straps also feature a heat-sensitive material that effectively dissipates and discharges ESD, preventing any damage to sensitive electronic components. The STP0500 straps can be cut to any customized length for different sized containers, and they securely hold together the component packages, preventing damage or loss while in transit.

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