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ACDC Power Modules 3W 85-264Vin 18Vout 170mA

Manufacturer: Recom Power
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Recom Power

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Recom Power

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Recom Power
Product Category
AC/DC Power Modules
Input Voltage
85 VAC to 264 VAC
Number of Outputs
1 Output
Output Voltage-Channel 1
18 V
Output Current-Channel 1
170 mA
28.5 mm
23.5 mm
17.9 mm
Input Frequency
47 Hz to 63 Hz
Isolation Voltage
3 k VAC
Open Frame/Enclosed
Output Power
3 W
Ac/Dc Output Modules
Rac03 - K
Recom Power
Mounting Style
Through Hole
Load Regulation
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 80 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Product Type
Ac - Dc Power Modules
Factory Pack Quantity :
Ac-Dc Power Supply
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D C C S S a O O R R L w E E M M p T T P P O R R a L L p R I I E E A A H r V V l N N A N N i T T r E 1 inch footprint for the tiniest 3 watt module Features Standby mode optimized (Ecodesign Lot 6) AC/DC Converter No load power consumption <150mW Operating temperature range: -40C to +80C Regulated Household IEC/EN60335 Converter EMC compliance without external components RAC03-K Description 3 Watt 2 The RAC03-K series are the smallest 3 watt solution on the market. In a compact 1in footprint, these 3 Single modules deliver an output power of 3 watts from -40C to 60C and 2 watts up to 80C. Despite such a high power density and small footprint, the RAC03-K series is a complete solution supporting Ecodesign Lot 6 standby mode operation for worldwide applications in automation, industry 4.0, IoT, household, Output and home automation. With an input voltage range from 85 to 264VAC and international safety certifi- cations for industrial, domestic, ITE, and household applications, these are some of the most versatile power modules on the market. Due to their reinforced class II installation rating and their significantly wide margin to class B emissions compliance without external components, these are the easiest to use modular power solutions in the industry. Selection Guide 22++ RoHSRoHS REACHREACH ERP compliantcompliant compliantcompliant compliant 10 from 1010 from 10 Part Input Output Output Efficiency Max. Capacitive (1) Number Voltage Range Voltage Current typ Load VAC VDC mA % F RAC03-3.3SK 85-264 3.3 900 69 10000 CERTIFIED EN-60335-1 RAC03-05SK 85-264 5 600 74 10000 E224736 RAC03-12SK 85-264 12 250 78 2200 RAC03-15SK 85-264 15 200 75 1800 RAC03-18SK 85-264 18 170 78 1500 RAC03-24SK 85-264 24 125 77 680 Notes: UL/IEC/EN62368-1 certified Note1: Efficiency is tested at 25C with constant resistive load and 230V AC CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1-14 certified IEC/EN60335-1 certified EN55032/EN55024 compliant EN55014-1 /-2 compliant IEC/EN61204-3 compliant FCC 47 Part 15 CB Report Model Numbering RAC03- SK Output Voltage Single Ordering Examples RAC03-05SK = 5Vout Single THT RAC03-12SK = 12Vout Single THT REV.: 2/2020 PA-1 O O a P P E a C C S R R n O O Y M M n U D D c O O U U t O C C C C e E E y T T R R H s S SRAC03-K AC/DC Converter Series Specifications (measured Ta= 25C, nom. Vin, full load and after warm-up unless otherwise stated) BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Condition Min. Typ. Max. Internal Input Filter Pi type nom. Vin = 230VAC 85VAC 230VAC 264VAC (2,3) Input Voltage Range 120VDC 370VDC 115VAC 80mA Input Current 230VAC 40mA 115VAC 10A Inrush Current cold start at +25C 230VAC 20A No load Power Consumption 230VAC 100mW 150mW ErP Standby Mode Conformity 0.5W 0.3W Input Power= (Output Load Capability) 1W 0.7W Input Frequency Range AC Input 47Hz 63Hz Minimum Load 0% 115VAC 0.5 Power Factor 230VAC 0.4 Start-up Time 20ms Rise Time 15ms 115VAC 15ms Hold-up Time 230VAC 80ms Internal Operating Frequency 100% load at nominal Vin 130kHz 3.3Vout, 5Vout 60mVp-p (4) Output Ripple and Noise 20MHz BW all others 1% of Vout nom. Notes: Note2: The products were submitted for safety files a t AC-Input operation Note3: Refer to Line Derating Note4: Measured with a 0.1F MLCC & 10F E-cap in parallel across output. (low ESR) Efficiency vs. Load RAC03-05SK RAC03-12SK 100 100 90 90 80 80 70 70 60 60 50 50 40 40 30 30 20 20 115VAC 115VAC 230VAC 230VAC 10 10 0 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Output Load % Output Load % continued on next page REV.: 2/2020 PA-2 Efficiency % Efficiency %

Tariff Desc

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLIES, having BOTH:
(a) input voltages of 176V-246VAC, 47Hz-63Hz single phase OR 200V-230VAC, 50Hz-60Hz single phase
(b) multiple DC output voltages from minus 200 V to positive 200V
TC 9603032

8504.40.90 CHARGERS, ADAPTERS AND INVERTERS, AC/DC OR DC/DC OR DC/AC having ALL of the following:
(a) input voltage NOT less than 10V and NOT greater than 252V
(b) output voltage NOT less than 2V and NOT greater than 252V
(c) wattage NOT less than 40 W and NOT greater than 160W
(d) output current NOT greater than 17A - TC 1021920

8504.50.10 81
(a) designed for use with equipment of 8471
(b) for telecommunication apparatus of 8517 Free

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLY UNITS, DC AND/OR AC output, complying with AS/NZS 60950 & AS/NZS CISPR 22, having ALL of:
(a) voltage NOT less than 2.5 V and NOT greater than 55V
(b) wattage NOT less than 0.02 W and NOT greater than 105W
(c) current output NOT less than 0.01 amp and NOT greater than 2.5amp
TC 1014564

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLY MODULES having ALL of the following:
(a) input power at EITHER of the following voltages:
(i) 120VAC/240VAC
(ii) 24VDC /48VDC
(b) output power at EITHER of the following voltages:
(i) 5VDC, +15VDC, -15VDC, and 24VDC field I/O
(ii) 24VDC field I/O only
(c) circuitry monitors
(d) output adjusters
TC 9810001

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLIES DC having BOTH:
(a) variable voltage NOT exceeding 30V
(b) maximum current output NOT exceeding 25amps
TC 9900597

8504.40.90 CONVERTERS, DC/DC, power output not exceeding 5W, being ANY of:
(a) single in line package
(b) dual in line
(c) surface mount device
TC 9601650

8543.90.20 20 Electronic microassemblies Free

8504.40.30 Static converters
(a) separately housed units, designed to be housed in the same cabinet as the central processing unit of equipment of 8471
(b) for telecommunication apparatus of 8517
60 No Electric current rectifying assemblies Free
63 No Other Free
RECOM Lighting
Recom Power