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ROHM Semiconductor Infrared Transceivers IRDA TXRX 4MBPS 3V

Manufacturer: ROHM
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Product Category
Infrared Transceivers
Mounting Style
890 nm
Data Transmission Rate
4 Mbps
Transmission Distance
30 Cm
Radiant Intensity
100 Mw/Sr
Half Intensity Angle Degrees
15 Deg
Pulse Width
125 nS , 217 nS
Rise Time
40 ns
Fall Time
40 ns
If - Forward Current
250 mA
Operating Supply Voltage
3 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 25 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
8 Mm X 2.9 Mm X 2.2 Mm
Rpm972 - H14
Rohm Semiconductor
Factory Pack Quantity :
Infrared Communication Module
Hts Code
Product Type
Ir Transceivers
Infrared Data Communications
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RPM972-H14 Photo Link Module IrDA Infrared Communication Module RPM972-H14 RPM972-H14 is an infrared communication module for IrDA Ver. 1.4 (Low Power). The infrared LED, PIN photo diode, and waveform shaping LSI are all integrated into one single package. This module is designed for low power consumption. The very small package makes it a perfect fit for mobile devices. Also it provides the capability of IR remote control transmission for universal remote control applications. z Features 1) Infrared LED, PIN photo diode, LED driver and receiver frequency formation circuit built in. Improvement of EMI noise protection by Shield Case. 2) Applied to SIR (9.6k to 115.2kbps), MIR (0.576M, 1.152Mbps) and FIR(4Mbps). 3) Surface mount type. 4) Power down function built in. 5) Adjustable communication distance by LED load resistance value. 6) Infrared remote control transmission driver built-in. z Applications Cellular phone, PDA, DVC, Digital still camera, Printer, Handy terminal etc. z Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25C) Parameter Symbol Limits Unit 1 Supply voltage Vcc / VLEDA / VIO 6.5 V Input voltage Vin(3,4,5pin) 0.3 to VIO+0.3 V Operation temperature Topr 25 to 85 C Storage temperature Tstg 30 to 100 C 1) This applies to all pins basis ground pin (8pin). z Recommended operating conditions Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit VCC 2.4 3.0 3.6 V Supply voltage VLEDA 2.7 3.0 5.5 V VIO 1.7 3.0 VCC V 1/9 RPM972-H14 Photo Link Module z Terminal description Pin No Terminal Circuit Function LED Anode Terminal 1 LED drive power supply. LED Other power source can be used difference between 1 LEDA 2 LEDVCC and VCC. 2 LEDC LED Cathode Terminal VIO Transmitting Data Input Terminal H:LED radiant (PWDOWN= L ) CMOS Logic Level Input. 3 TXD Holding TXDstatus, LED will be turn off approximately 48 s. 600k Receiving Data Output Terminal VIO VIO When PWDOWN(5pin)= H , the RXD output will be pulled PWDOWN 300k up to VIO at approximately 300 k. 4 RXD Power-down Control and Mode SettingTerminal VIO H: POWERDOWN L : OPERATION PWDOWN 5 CMOS Logic Level Input. /Mode When input is, it will stop the receiving circuit, PinPD current and transmitting LED operation. VCC 6 VCC Supply voltage for Transceiver circuits. VIO Supply voltage for I / O pins 7 VIO (PWDOWN,RXD,TXD). 8 GND GROUND Shield Case Connect to Ground. 2/9

Tariff Desc

8542.31.00 51 No ..Application Specific (Digital) Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits:
LAPIS Semiconductor
ROHM Semicon
ROHM Semiconductor