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Audio Modules Microphone Activation Switch detects presence of an active recording system

Manufacturer: Storm Interface
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Storm Interface

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Storm Interface
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Audio Modules
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Microphone Activation Sensor To indicate the presence of an active recording system the Storm ATP Microphone Activation Sensor incorporates a highly visible and tactile microphone icon. The device also includes an infrared (IR) proximity sensor that can be used to activate a microphone for Speech Recording or Voice Commanded applications. Self Service Terminals equipped with voice recording, voice recognition or voice command are being increasingly deployed in public. However, this has raised concerns about privacy among members of the public and has prompted government agencies to review privacy regulations. It is important that members of the public in the immediate vicinity of those terminals are made aware that voice capture technology is available at that location and may be active or in use. It may also be required that microphones situated in public spaces are, by default, maintained in a muted (or closed)condition until required for use. The device enumerates as a USB Human Interface The status of any microphone must be immediately obvious Device (no special drivers required). to anyone within recording range. These features are The device automatically calibrates for background essential to maintain personal privacy and meet mandated IR levels on power up. (The icon illumination ashes requirements for personal data protection. during this calibration process). The IR Sensor detects the presence of a person Storm Assistive Technology Products provide within the activation zone and sends a USB code improved system accessibility for those with to the host. This so the host can activate (open) impaired vision, restricted mobility, limited a microphone at the appropriate time. dexterity or reading difficulties. When a person disappears from range the device sends a different USB code to the host. Performance This so the host can mute (close) a microphone Vibration & Shock: ETSI 5M3 at the appropriate time. Impact Resistance: IK09 (10J rating) Certi cation: CE / FCC / UL An API is provided so that the host can control EMC: 55032 Class B (Emissions) 55035 (Immunity) speci c features of the device: FCC: 47CFR15 Class B (Emissions) ESD Immunity: 15kV Contact and Air - Turn the Icon illumination on or off to indicate EN 301 549 / ADA: Compliant whether a microphone is active or muted. - Change the brightness of icon illumination to Environmental compensate for day / night background light levels Operational Temperature: -20C to +70C (dry) Weather Resistance: IP65 (when panel mounted) - Customise the USB codes that are sent to the host by the device. Speci cation Microphone Activation Sensor Part Numbers O/S Compatibility: Compatible with currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows Microphone Activation Sensor AT01-12001 Rating 5V 0.25V (USB 2.0) Connection: Mini USB B Socket USB 2.0 Cable, 90cm long, angled mini-B 4500-01 male connector to Type A male connector Microphone Array Kit AT00-15001-KIT (Includes Microphone Array Module Activation Sensor & cables) Storm Interface products are developed primarily for use with current and supported Microsoft Windows platforms. For use with a non-Windows For more information & to order visit: platform, please contact Storm Interface for advice. Compatibility with non-Windows platforms or operating systems cannot be guaranteed.Storm, Storm Interface, Storm AXS & Storm ATP are trademarks of Keymat Technology Ltd. Whilst every effort is made to This product includes proprietary technology and intellectual property retained by ATP 1400EF Dec 2019 ensure details are correct at time of print, speci cations are subject Keymat Technology Ltd (trading as Storm Interface). All rights reserved. to change without notice.1400 Series The Storm ATP Microphone Activation Sensor is a USB This second transmitted code can be used to close (mute) peripheral device that includes an internationally the microphone and turn off the illumination. This recognised microphone icon to indicate the presence proximity sensing feature allows the microphone to be of a voice recording device. The illuminated microphone closed (muted) as its default condition. This is an icon is both highly visible and tactilely discernible. important feature designed to protect the privacy of those in the general vicinity of the host terminal who When the integrated IR proximity sensor detects a person may not be intending to use the voice recording or voice in the addressable zone situated immediately in front of commanded technology. the terminal, it transmits a USB code to the host as a signal to activate the microphone and to illuminate the Designed in consultation with the UK s Royal National microphone icon. Institute of Blind People, the Microphone Activation Sensor has been certi ed as an RNIB Tried & Tested The icon illuminates with a bright white light, giving product. a clear indication that voice recording is in process. An audible signal or message can also be triggered to The microphone Activation Sensor is part of the Storm inform blind users that voice command is now Assistive Technology Products range and is designed for activated. Another USB code is transmitted by the use with the Storm ATP Microphone Array Module (part integrated sensor when the person moves away number AT00-15001), or other sound recording devices. from the addressable zone and ceases to be detected For more information & to order visit: by the sensor. Whilst every effort is made to ATP 1400EF Dec 2019 ensure details are correct at time of print, speci cations are subject to change without notice.

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