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Module: audio; sound recorder; Gravity,I2C; 3.3÷5VDC

Manufacturer: DF Robot
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DF Robot

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DF Robot
Product Category
Audio Modules
Audio Modules
I2C, Gravity
Supply Voltage
3.3 To 5 VDC
product is not a working device, but only component
Type Of Module
Kind Of Module
sound recorder
Additional Functions
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The DFR0699 with Module manufactured by DF Robot is a multi-functional audio sound recorder, capable of connecting to compatible devices such as the Gravity, I2C, and 3.3V up to 5VDC. It is used to capture audio signals or voices, and store them for later playback. It features a two-level volume control and a digital LED display for easy operation. Additionally, it has a built-in speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack for prolonged audio playback. It includes an adjustable microphone sensitivity range and adjustable recording length, making it ideal for recording sound data in a wide variety of environments.