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Fixed Inductors INDCTR HIFREQ MLTLYR 0402 2.40.3nH

Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden
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50000 - Global Stock

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Taiyo Yuden

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Taiyo Yuden

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Taiyo Yuden
Product Category
Fixed Inductors
Fixed Inductors
Termination Style
Package / Case
0402 (1005 METRIC)
2.4 nH
0.3 Nh
Maximum DC Current
300 mA
Maximum DC Resistance
70 mOhms
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 125 C
Q Minimum
Self Resonant Frequency
9500 MHz
Operating Temperature Range
- 55 C to + 125 C
Taiyo Yuden
Case Height
0.5 mm
Case Length
1 mm
Case Width
0.5 mm
Factory Pack Quantity :
Case Code - In
Case Code - Mm
Hts Code
Product Type
Fixed Inductors
Inductors, Chokes & Coils
Test Frequency
100 MHz
Fixed Inductors
Brand Category
Taiyo Yuden
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(3) Medical devices classied as GHTF Class D (Japan Class IV), 2 implantable medical devices * INDUCTORS INDUCTORS FOR HIGH FREQUENCY APPLICATIONS for General Electronic Equipment for General Electronic Equipment MULTILAYER CHIP INDUCTORS FOR HIGH FREQUENCY APPLICATIONS(HK SERIES) MULTILAYER CHIP INDUCTORS FOR HIGH FREQUENCY APPLICATIONSHK SERIES WAVE REFLOW WAVE* REFLOW Except for HK0603, HK1005 *Except for HK0603, HK1005 PARTS NUMBER * Operating Temp.-55+125HK1608/2125-40+85 Blank space H K 0 6 0 3 1 0 N J T Series name Nominal inductance Code Series name Code Nominal inductancenH Multilayer chip inductor for high frequency example HK applications 3N9 3.9 10N 10.0 DimensionsLW R10 100 Dimensions R12 120 Code Typeinch LWmm RDecimal point 0603 06030201 0.60.3 N0.0nH type 1005 10050402 1.00.5 Inductance tolerance 1608 16080603 1.60.8 Code Inductance tolerance 2125 21250805 2.01.2 J 5 S 0.3nH Packaging Code Packaging T Taping STANDARD EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS / STANDARD QUANTITY W L T e Standard quantitypcs Type L W T e Paper tape Embossed tape HK 0603 0.60.03 0.30.03 0.30.03 0.150.05 15000 0201 0.0240.001 0.0120.001 0.0120.001 0.0060.002 HK 1005 1.00.05 0.50.05 0.50.05 0.250.10 10000 0402 0.0390.002 0.0200.002 0.0200.002 0.0100.004 HK 1608 1.60.15 0.80.15 0.80.15 0.30.2 4000 0603 0.0630.006 0.0310.006 0.0310.006 0.0120.008 2.00.3/0.1 1.250.2 0.850.2 0.50.3 4000 HK 2125 0.0790.012/0.004 0.0490.008 0.0330.008 0.0200.012 0805 2.00.3/0.1 1.250.2 1.00.2/0.3 0.50.3 3000 0.0790.012/0.004 0.0490.008 0.0390.008/0.012 0.0200.012 Unitmminch i mlci HK e-E08R01 This catalog contains the typical specicfi ation only due to the limitation of space. 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Tariff Desc

8504.50 COILS, toroidal, having ALL of the following: (a) winding wire dia NOT exceeding 0.25 mm; (b) internal window dia NOT exceeding 40 mm; (c) external dia NOT exceeding 55 mm Op. 17.06.1985 Dec. 13.01.1986 - TC 8532473

8504.90 CORES AND SHAPES, ferrite, iron powder or molybdenum permalloy powder Op. 13.03.1984 Dec. 13.03.1984 - TC 8342777