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MEA1608LC220T001 electronic component of TDK

EMI Filter Circuits 3TERM FILTER 100mA

Manufacturer: TDK
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Product Category
EMI Filter Circuits
Three Terminal Filter Smd Array For Signal Line
Cutoff Frequency
210 MHz
Circuit Type
L Filter
22 pF
Voltage Rating
6.3 V
Current Rating
100 mA
Termination Style
Package / Case
0603 (1608 METRIC)
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Mea - Lc
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Operating Temperature Range
- 40 C To + 85 C
Frequency Range
800 MHz To 2000 MHz
0.5 mm
1.6 mm
0.8 mm
Factory Pack Quantity :
Hts Code
Product Type
Emi Filter Circuits
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E MC Com pon e n t s October 2013 3-terminal Filters, SMD Array For signal line (cellular band compatible) MEA-LC series MEA1210LC 1210[0504 inch]* MEA1608LC 1608[0603 inch] MEA2010LC 2010[0804 inch] * Dimensions Code JIS[EIA](2/11) EMC Components REMINDERS FOR USING THESE PRODUCTS Before using these products, be sure to request the delivery specifications. SAFETY REMINDERS Please pay sufficient attention to the warnings for safe designing when using these products. REMINDERS The storage period is less than 12 months. Be sure to follow the storage conditions (Temperature: 5 to 40C, Humidity: 10 to 75% RH or less). If the storage period elapses, the soldering of the terminal electrodes may deteriorate. Do not use or store in locations where there are conditions such as gas corrosion (salt, acid, alkali, etc.). Before soldering, be sure to preheat components. The preheating temperature should be set so that the temperature difference between the solder temperature and chip temperature does not exceed 150C. Soldering corrections after mounting should be within the range of the conditions determined in the specifications. If overheated, a short circuit, performance deterioration, or lifespan shortening may occur. When embedding a printed circuit board where a chip is mounted to a set, be sure that residual stress is not given to the chip due to the overall distortion of the printed circuit board and partial distortion such as at screw tightening portions. Self heating (temperature increase) occurs when the power is turned ON, so the tolerance should be sufficient for the set thermal design. Carefully lay out the coil for the circuit board design of the non-magnetic shield type. A malfunction may occur due to magnetic interference. Use a wrist band to discharge static electricity in your body through the grounding wire. Do not expose the products to magnets or magnetic fields. Do not use for a purpose outside of the contents regulated in the delivery specifications. The products listed on this catalog are intended for use in general electronic equipment (AV equipment, telecommunications equipment, home appliances, amusement equipment, computer equipment, personal equipment, office equipment, measurement equipment, industrial robots) under a normal operation and use condition. The products are not designed or warranted to meet the requirements of the applications listed below, whose performance and/or quality require a more stringent level of safety or reliability, or whose failure, malfunction or trouble could cause serious damage to society, person or property. If you intend to use the products in the applications listed below or if you have special requirements exceeding the range or conditions set forth in the each catalog, please contact us. (1) Aerospace/Aviation equipment (8) Public information-processing equipment (2) Transportation equipment (cars, electric trains, ships, etc.) (9) Military equipment (3) Medical equipment (10) Electric heating apparatus, burning equipment (4) Power-generation control equipment (11) Disaster prevention/crime prevention equipment (5) Atomic energy-related equipment (12) Safety equipment (6) Seabed equipment (13) Other applications that are not considered general-purpose (7) Transportation control equipment applications When designing your equipment even for general-purpose applications, you are kindly requested to take into consideration securing protection circuit/device or providing backup circuits in your equipment. 001-01 / 20131004 /

Tariff Desc

8504.50.10 Electrical transformers, static converters (for example, rectifiers) and inductors.

8504.50 COILS, toroidal, having ALL of the following: (a) winding wire dia NOT exceeding 0.25 mm; (b) internal window dia NOT exceeding 40 mm; (c) external dia NOT exceeding 55 mm Op. 17.06.1985 Dec. 13.01.1986 - TC 8532473

8504.90 CORES AND SHAPES, ferrite, iron powder or molybdenum permalloy powder Op. 13.03.1984 Dec. 13.03.1984 - TC 8342777

8547.9 TC 8535449 SHEETING OR SHAPES, electrically insulating, thermally conductive,
being combinations of two OR more of the following:
(a) silicone rubber;
(b) glass fibre;
(c) boron nitride;
(d) polyimide;
(e) copper
Micronas GmbH
TDK Corporation
TDK InvenSense
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. [CI] (VA)
Tronics / TDK