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AC/DC Power Modules Filter Autoranging Rectifier Module
Manufacturer: Vicor

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AC/DC Power Modules
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Ac - Dc Power Modules
Ac-Dc Power Supply
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FARM FARMxxxx Actual size: 2.28 x 2.2 x 0.5in S 57,9 x 55,9 x 12,7mm CUNRTL S C US Filter/Autoranging Rectifier Module Up to 1000 Watts Features & Benefits Absolute Maximum Rating RoHS compliant (with F or G pin style) Parameter Rating Unit Notes 264 V Continuous AC EMI filtering L to N voltage 280 V 100ms AC Choice of 500W or 750W modules +OUT to OUT voltage 400 V DC 96% efficiency B OK to OUT voltage 16 V DC Autoranging 115/230V input EN to OUT voltage 16 V AC DC Mounting torque 4 6 0.45 0.68 in lbs N m 6 each, 4-40 screw Microprocessor controlled Operating temperature 40 to 100 C H-Grade Inrush current limiting Storage temperature 55 to 125 C H-Grade Mini sized package 500 260 F C <5sec wave solder Pin soldering temperature Power fail signal 750 390 F C <7sec hand solder Module enable Output current 3.5 A Baseplate temperature 100 C Product Highlights Thermal Resistance and Capacity The FARM (Filter/Autoranging Rectifier Module) is an AC front end module which provides Parameter Min Typ Max Unit EMI filtering, autoranging line rectification and inrush current limiting. The FARM is Baseplate to sink available in either 500/750W or 750/1000W flat, greased surface 0.16 C/Watt models in a mini sized package measuring only with thermal pad (P/N 20264) 0.14 C/Watt 2.28 x 2.2 x 0.5in. Baseplate to ambient Free convection 8.0 C/Watt The FARM interfaces directly with worldwide 1000LFM 1.9 C/Watt AC mains and may be used with Vicor 300V input DC-DC converters to realize an autoranging, high-density, low-profile switching power supply. The FARM includes Part Numbering a microcontroller that continuously monitors the AC line to control bridge / doubler FARM 1 C 1 1 operation. The user need only provide external capacitance to satisfy system Type Product Grade Temperatures (C) Pin Style Baseplate Product hold-up requirements. 1 = 500/750W Grade Operating Storage 1 = Slotted 1 = Short Pin 2 = 750/1000W E = 10 to +100 20 to +125 2 = Threaded 2 = Long Pin Vicor 2nd Generation packaging technology C = 20 to +100 40 to +125 3 = Thru hole a S = Short ModuMate offers flexible mounting options for various T = 40 to +100 40 to +125 a H = 40 to +100 55 to +125 N = Long ModuMate manufacturing processes. The FARM may be a F = Short RoHS installed as a conventional leaded device a G = Long RoHS for onboard applications, inboard for b K = Extra Long RoHS low-profile, height-restricted applications, socketed or surface mounted with optional ModuMate interconnect products. a Pin styles S, N, F & G are compatible with the ModuMate interconnect system for socketing and surface mounting. b Not intended for socket or Surfmate mounting. Note: Product images may not highlight current product markings. FARM Rev 7.2 Page 1 of 11 11/2021FARMxxxx Electrical Characteristics Electrical characteristics apply over the full operating range of input voltage, output power and baseplate temperature, unless otherwise specified. All temperatures refer to the operating temperature at the center of the baseplate. Specifications apply for AC mains having up to 5% total harmonic distortion. Input Specifications (Farm1xxx, Farm2xxx) Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Notes Operating input voltage low range 90 132 V Autoranging (doubler mode) AC high range 180 264 V Autoranging (bridge mode) AC Input undervoltage 90 V No damage AC 47 63 Hz C-Grade AC line frequency 47 880 Hz T-Grade, H-Grade Power factor 0.60 Dependent on line source impedance, hold-up capacitance and load. Inrush current 30 Amps 264V peak line AC Output Specifications FARM1xxx FARM2xxx Parameter Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Unit Notes 0 500 0 750 Watts 90 132V AC Output power 0 750 0 1000 Watts 180 264V AC Efficiency 94 96 94 96 % 120/240V AC Output voltage 250 370 250 370 V 90 264V DC AC 1,750 F 2 3,300F in series HUB3300-S External hold-up capacitance 1,100 F 2 2,200F in series HUB2200-S Control Pin Specifications Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Notes AC Bus OK (B OK) Low-state resistance 15 To negative output Bus normal Low-state voltage 0.1 V Bus normal 50mA max. DC High-state voltage 14.0 15.0 15.4 V Bus abnormal, 27k internal pull up to 15V (see Figure11) DC DC B OK true threshold 235 240 245 V Output Bus voltage (see Figure 8) DC B OK false threshold 200 205 210 V Output Bus voltage DC Module Enable (EN) Low-state resistance 15 To negative output Converters disabled Low-state voltage 0.1 V 50mA max. DC High-state voltage 12 14 16 V 150k internal pull up to 15V (see Figure 10) DC DC Enable threshold 235 240 245 V Output bus voltage (see Figure 8) DC Disable threshold 185 190 195 V Output bus voltage DC AC Bus OK - Module Enable, 12 14 16 V AC Bus OK and Module Enable thresholds track DC differential error* * Tracking error between Bus OK and Enable thresholds FARM Rev 7.2 Page 2 of 11 11/2021

Tariff Desc

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLIES, having BOTH:
(a) input voltages of 176V-246VAC, 47Hz-63Hz single phase OR 200V-230VAC, 50Hz-60Hz single phase
(b) multiple DC output voltages from minus 200 V to positive 200V
TC 9603032

8504.40.90 CHARGERS, ADAPTERS AND INVERTERS, AC/DC OR DC/DC OR DC/AC having ALL of the following:
(a) input voltage NOT less than 10V and NOT greater than 252V
(b) output voltage NOT less than 2V and NOT greater than 252V
(c) wattage NOT less than 40 W and NOT greater than 160W
(d) output current NOT greater than 17A - TC 1021920

8504.50.10 81
(a) designed for use with equipment of 8471
(b) for telecommunication apparatus of 8517 Free

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLY UNITS, DC AND/OR AC output, complying with AS/NZS 60950 & AS/NZS CISPR 22, having ALL of:
(a) voltage NOT less than 2.5 V and NOT greater than 55V
(b) wattage NOT less than 0.02 W and NOT greater than 105W
(c) current output NOT less than 0.01 amp and NOT greater than 2.5amp
TC 1014564

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLY MODULES having ALL of the following:
(a) input power at EITHER of the following voltages:
(i) 120VAC/240VAC
(ii) 24VDC /48VDC
(b) output power at EITHER of the following voltages:
(i) 5VDC, +15VDC, -15VDC, and 24VDC field I/O
(ii) 24VDC field I/O only
(c) circuitry monitors
(d) output adjusters
TC 9810001

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLIES DC having BOTH:
(a) variable voltage NOT exceeding 30V
(b) maximum current output NOT exceeding 25amps
TC 9900597

8504.40.90 CONVERTERS, DC/DC, power output not exceeding 5W, being ANY of:
(a) single in line package
(b) dual in line
(c) surface mount device
TC 9601650

8543.90.20 20 Electronic microassemblies Free

8504.40.30 Static converters
(a) separately housed units, designed to be housed in the same cabinet as the central processing unit of equipment of 8471
(b) for telecommunication apparatus of 8517
60 No Electric current rectifying assemblies Free
63 No Other Free
Vicor Corporation