A Schottky diode is a type of rectifier that uses a metal-semiconductor junction to control the flow of current between two terminals. It is designed to have a very low forward voltage drop and high switching speeds, making it useful for high-speed switching applications. It can also be used as a rectifier, because it is able to rectify an AC or alternating current signal in to a DC or direct current signal. This phenomenon is called rectification, and it is commonly used to convert AC power in to DC power. The Schottky diode is commonly used in power supplies and inverters, as it provides high efficiency and low power losses. Rectifiers are electronic circuits that convert alternating current (AC) in to direct current (DC). It works by rectifying the waveform of a AC signal in to that of a DC signal. Rectifiers are used in many electronics applications including DC power supplies and current waveform smoothing. In a DC power supply, a rectifier is used to convert an AC voltage in to a DC voltage.

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