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Abracon LLC. manufactures frequency control, signal conditioning, clock distribution, and magnetic components. It offers crystals and resonators, such as automotive and industrial grade quartz crystals, ceramic/SAW resonators, and test and burn-in sockets; real-time clocks; and automotive and industrial grade crystal oscillators, MEMS oscillators, VCXO oscillators, TCXO/VCTCXO oscillators, programmable oscillators, spread spectrum oscillators, and test and burn-in-sockets. The company also provides SAW, ceramic, monolithic crystal, and dielectric filters; precision timing products; RF and microwave solutions, such as Bluetooth modules, dielectric resonator OSCs, frequency translators, and antennas; magnetics and capacitors, which include chokes, circuit protection products, EMI filters, ferrite chip beads, inductors, LAN magnetics, RJ45 jacks, RJ45 jacks with magnetics, transformers, and wireless charging coils; and engineered solutions. Its products are used in commercial, industrial, consumer, and select COTS-Military applications. The company offers its products through authorized distributors worldwide. It also allows customers to order products online. Abracon LLC. was founded in 1992 and is based in Irvine, California with sales offices in Texas, California, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Scotland, and Germany. It also has design and application engineering resources in California and Illinois.

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    Abracon Corporation
    Abracon LLC
    Ecliptek / Abracon
    Fox / Abracon
    MMD Components
    MMD Monitor
    MMD Monitor / Quartztek
    MMD Monitor/Quartztek

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