Aem | X-ON

AEM was the first company to incorporate a gauge interface with a wideband air/fuel controller, and they have innovated in this category again with the Wideband Failsafe Device—a combined Wideband controller unit and boost/vacuum gauge that can save your engine if it runs lean. In 2007, they introduced affordable water/methanol injection for forced induction vehicles. In the spirit of innovation, they have redesigned this system with improved components and it can now be used on forced induction racecars at all boost levels or high compression naturally aspirated vehicles. And there’s more. From 320 lph fuel pumps and data loggers for roughly half the cost of the competition’s offerings, to ignition solutions that can save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating additional hardware to deliver the spark energy you need, they have and will continue to develop and make reliable products that help you achieve your goals.