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American Electrical have an acronym they call “FAST” that has both a true and underlying meaning. Of course the underlying message to their customers is that they try to do things as quickly as possible. Whether that’s a quotation, price check, availability question, shipping or information request – they do it now – they know and understand that there are eager customers or potential customers waiting on them and their time is as valuable as theirs. Secondarily, their word FAST has a definitive meaning: F – To be Flexible in their ability to serve the customer, to be able to effectively wear the different “hats” that are required in a smaller organization and to have the customers’ service issues in mind at all times. A – To be Accurate in everything they do – from specification to delivery. They understand the consequences of mistakes and the domino effect they can have on the practices of they customers and they combined businesses. Mistakes cost money and time. They seek the proper training to insure that they follow the correct procedures and have the product knowledge necessary to be correct. They know that they need to do it right all the time to eliminate the necessity to do it over. S – To act with Speed in all that they do. They know the customer waits for their response or their products and they do not need to waste that time – for they understand that time is money. They want to be able to ship today, quote and specify now, fax immediately, confirm orders on receipt – respond NOW. For they know that this will win their customers’ support and future business and trust. T – To act as a Team so that their effort is multiplied to produce a much greater result for their customers. To have the positive attitude that is so common in winners. The understanding that people want to be winners and work with winners – with people who are successful not only in what they do but how they work together. They are a Team who acts as one on behalf of their dedicated customers, whom they would be nothing without.

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