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Apex Tool Group, LLC provides hand and power tools, tool storage products, drill chucks, chains, and electronic soldering products. It offers hand tools, including mechanic, trade, and specialty tools; truck boxes, jobsite storage products, and drill chucks tools; hammers and sledges; power tools, which include electric, pneumatic, and air tools, as well as bits, torque measurement, metal cutting, and drilling solutions; and electronic tools, such as soldering, cutting, motion control, and air ventilation solutions. It offers drilling, cutting, electronic applications, fastening, joining, material handling, material removal, measuring, storage, striking, and torque tightening solutions used by aerospace assembly technicians, aerospace operators, agriculture, assembly operators, contractors, electronics, enthusiasts, manufacturers, metal workers, and technicians. It offers private label mechanics tools; electrician data scissors, aviation snips, extraction sockets, and electronic torque wrenches with angle; and End User Specialist program that supports industrial facilities operators and industrial tool distributors located in North America. It serves industrial, vehicle repair, vehicle assembly, aerospace, and construction/DIY markets; and energy, vehicle service, construction, power and utilities, commercial, utilities, marine, military, tool trucks, and electronics markets worldwide through industrial distributors, contractor supply houses, automotive tool and equipment distributors, and independent regional and specialized distribution partners; and private-label products through consumer retailers, home centers, and hardware stores. The company was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Sparks, Maryland with additional offices in Huntersville, North Carolina and Lexington, South Carolina. The company has manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Apex Tool Group, LLC is a former subsidiary of Cooper Industries plc.

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    Allen / Apex
    Apex Tool Group
    Apex Tool Group (Formerly Cooper Tools)
    Armstrong / Apex
    Campbell / Apex
    Cooper Tools
    Crescent / Apex
    Gearwrench / Apex
    Jacobs / Apex
    Nicholson / Apex
    Weller / Apex
    Xcelite / Apex

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